Community Windshield Survey Paper

Community Windshield Survey Paper

Nova Southeastern University Windshield Survey of Jack and Jill in Fort Lauderdale

Jack and Jill was founded in 1942 by the Junior League of Greater Fort Lauderdale. It started off as a daycare center for women whom needed to enter the workforce and their husbands had gone to war. In over 75 years, the center has served more than 14,000 children and families. Their mission is to break the cycle of poverty for children of high need working families through early childhood education and strengthening programs. The center wants to see every child and family have the tools they need to be successful in life.

Community Windshield Survey Paper

Jack and Jill is the oldest nonprofit provider of early childhood education in Broward county. The center is currently located in the zip code 33312 which is Fort Lauderdale, Florida. They accept students from all over the county. The purpose of this paper is to identify data, to define the community, and its determinants of health that impact the health of population near this area.


The neighborhood in which the center is located is encased with three major highways (Florida’s Turnpike, I-595, I-95) and a major train station (Fort Lauderdale Amtrak). There is also a large river named South Fork New River that runs south of the center and borders the interstate 595. There are very few gated communities (about five) in this zip code. The community name is Fort Lauderdale; however, it is not displayed in this zip code. Their major “Welcome to Fort Lauderdale” sign is located in the zip code 33315 near Poinciana park which is a higher income neighborhood. The unofficial name of this community is “Sistrunk”. There are many subsections within this community, for example: Melrose Park, Melrose Manors, Lauderdale West, Sailboat Bend, Sunset, Riverland Village, South Fort Lauderdale, Oak River, Alandco, Avon Park, Arapahoe Farms, and Mapleridge.


The community surrounding Jack and Jill is mostly composed of apartment buildings and single-family homes. The oldest home in the area is a single-family home built in 1924. It has high ceilings, big windows, and has a lot size of 8,450 square foot. The homes mostly look similar from the outside when you drive by. The homes that were built after 1950’s vary in lot size between 1,000 to 3,000 square feet. There were few homes that were vacant because they are being sold currently and others were vacant seeming to be abandoned.

The community seems to be showing signs of improvement because there were a few new single-family homes available. There are also new section 8 housing apartments available. The county seems to be building many around this neighborhood to provide more economic housing options to the low-income families of this area.

In the community there are signs of decay because there are abandoned businesses and homes, there is trash everywhere (on the streets and yards of homes), and there are boarded up homes and businesses. There were rundown cars parked on the sides of the roads. There was a lot of overgrowth on the front and back yards of homes and on the sides of the streets. People had a lot of broken things on their front lawn like old rusty boats and broken trampolines.

Parks and Recreation

There are a few parks and recreation facilities near Jack and Jill Community. There is Riverland Park and Pool, Museum of Discovery and Science, Espland Park, Riverside Park, Guthrie-Blake Memorial Park, Ann Herman Park. The parks seemed very nice and clean. The grass was a bit overgrown, however, it could have been from all the rain the area received prior to Hurricane Dorian. The parks are spread throughout the zip code; therefore, public transportation or personal vehicles are needed to be able to arrive at the locations. The open space is public.


Near Jack and Jill, there are many grocery stores and neighborhood stores available. A two major neighborhood stores accessible are Walmart Supercenter and Publix. They also have small markets or small convenient stores like Comet Food Market, Supersaver Supermarket, and Al Diwan Middle Eastern Grocery. Community residents travel to the stores by either walking, bicycle personal vehicles, or public transportation. The residents that would walk, would return home with the shopping carts and they would leave them near their home; therefore, a few homes had carts in their front and/or back yards.


The streets near Jack and Jill were paved, they didn’t seem bumpy. They were good enough to be able to walk, ride bike or drive on. In the community, there are different public transportations available such as a bus terminal and a train terminal. The members of the community can be seen either walking, on bicycle, in busses, trains, and vehicles. As mentioned before, there are three major highways: Florida’s Turnpike which is located on the west side of the community, I-595 which is located on the south side, and I-95 which is located on the east side of the community.

Service Centers

There are many schools in this community including Jack and Jill. There are many elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, and technical schools. Most are public schools except for one that is a charter school called New Life Charter Academy.

In this community, many recreation centers could be found as well, such as: Riverland Park and Pool and Secret Wood Nature Center. The agencies most common in this area are workforce agencies such as Primetime Temporary Staffing and Accurate Personnel LLC. They specialize in helping community members find employment.

There are a few health care providers in this area. Most of the doctors specialize in family medicine. There was one that was a psychologist, another that was an internal medicine doctor, and one that specialized in general surgery. The community also has one geriatric and palliative care center. A major hospital like Broward Health Medical Center is located on the eastern outskirts of this community’s zip code. There are six dental offices in the area. Also, there are 2 major pharmacies (Publix and CVS) and 5 small pharmacy drug stores.


The most common people seen on the streets in the Jack and Jill community are those who are homeless and the working class. The homeless people seem to have poor hygiene and are in need of new clothing as well as food. Most of the homeless were gathered outside the train and bus terminals. The working class can be seen walking, riding bicycle, waiting at the bus stop or at the train station. Most dressed in either business casual or casual attire. The ethnic group that seemed to predominate this community are the African Americans. This area could be rated as lower middle class. According to the United States Census Bureau (2017), the average household income is $39,601 and there is a 19.3% poverty rate. Also, there didn’t seem to be a lot of stray dogs or cats in the neighborhoods.

In this area, there is a Fort Lauderdale police department and a Broward sheriffs office. They also have the Fort Lauderdale fire rescue station 47 and the BSO fire station 17. Both the police stations and the fire rescue stations are located one on the north end of the zip code and one on the south end of the zip code. There are also 8 different churches in this community varying from religions like Presbyterian, Adventist, and Christianity.

Community Health Promotion

The zip code that was surveyed was 33312 which is Fort Lauderdale, Florida in which the Jack and Jill community is located. A need for a community health nurse to begin a health promotion project could include education about healthy lifestyles. In this community there are nine fast food restaurants such as Wendy’s, Burger King, McDonald’s and KFC. According to Remley, Franzen-Castle, McCormack, and Eicher-Miller (2019), dietary recommendations and the need to economize food resources place many challenges on households. The research presented to the members of this community could help them both economize and maintain a healthy life.


In conclusion, Jack and Jill is the oldest nonprofit provider of early childhood education in Broward county. It resides in the zip code 33312 that was surveyed. The community is composed of apartment buildings and single-family homes. This area could be rated as lower middle class. The population may rely on food pantries as a way to gain access to food; therefore, a community health nurse could begin a health promotion project that includes education about healthy lifestyles.

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