Financial and Ethical Impact Analysis for East Chestnut Regional Health System

Financial and Ethical Impact Analysis for East Chestnut Regional Health System

Financial and Ethical Impact Analysis for East Chestnut Regional Health System

East Chestnut Regional Health System (ECRHS) is a health organization created by three different companies offering similar health services: The Consortium, the East River Medical Center, the Northern Mountain Hospital, and the Archway Hospital. This paper contains a financial and ethical analysis of ECRH’s current marketing strategies.

Financial and Ethical Impact Analysis for East Chestnut Regional Health System

Mission and Objective (Financial and Ethical Impact Analysis for East Chestnut Regional Health System)

The mission of ECRHS is to make a difference in the health sector by improving the quality of life through the provision of excellent services. ECRHS’s vision is to be a leader in developing and delivering superior human health services. In achieving its mission and vision, the company looks forward to valuing its clients and employees, by ensuring good integration between employees, their safety, and quality service for the clients. Sumitani, (2021) stated that ECRHS engaged the patients visiting their facilities to collect their views and opinions to help in achieving good quality service provision. This provided the basis of the organization’s objectives.

Organizational Structure and Culture

The organizational structure of ECRHS highly appreciates the principles of human resource management in achieving its goals and objectives. To be more explicit, a management judgment system is used. This system allows the management of the organization to apply various techniques such as the top-down technique that is applied in this case. This means that the organization has a CEO who heads a management committee called the new Alliance of East Chestnut Regional Health System, which comprises three hospitals.

Initially, the company used a decentralized leadership system. This system however led to poor performance and no profit was realized (Pearson, 2018). In the new management system, the organization has come up with new positions that include; a position of Chief Operating Officer, the corporate counsel, and Chief Finance Officer. The new leadership system has resulted in to increase in productivity and has attracted new shareholders to the organization. The company has improved its workflow and built its decision-making process with a clear structure.

Rhoda Gardener (2018) defines organizational culture as the consistent organizational behaviors of employees and leaders. The ECRHS uses the Clan culture. This culture is people-oriented, friendly, and is a Collaborative Culture. The culture is established in a way such that it ensures integration of employees, employee retention and that helps overcome the problem of ambiguity. In the long run, an increase in market share and high productivity has led to an increase in revenue, expanding the organization’s profitability. The organization has remained competitive and relevant in the community.

Curry,2008 explains the essence of information communication technology as a channel that connects different departments in an organization and also provides communication externally, ECRH has experienced the benefits of ICT within the organization however much cost came from the implementation of multiple systems that came with higher cost however integration to one system was implemented and staff retrained and data has been well managed and converted with only human use difficulty being experienced.

Current Marketing Strategies (Financial and Ethical Impact Analysis for East Chestnut Regional Health System)

The organization designs different marketing strategies to help achieve its targeted goals. East Chestnut Regional Health System, has set forth clear strategies to popularize and influence the society to subscribe to its services. Content marketing using billboards, Local marketing by word of mouth, media marketing by creating online advertisements, and issuing of clothes and other materials bearing the brand name of ECRHS are some of the methods that have been utilized to market the organization’s services. Anders Hjorth (2021)

Competition Advantage

The competition of medical organizations in the country is regulated by government legislation to ensure healthy competition. East Chestnut Regional Health System has faced stiff competition from other health care organizations but has stood out because of its quality and affordable services. ECRHS has the largest operating women’s health clinics and oncology center that has helped them beat their great competitors: Banford Medical Center (BMC) (Noritz et al., 2018). Easy visibility and accessibility have enabled the organization to receive many patients requiring urgent attention as compared to its competitors.

Current Value Chain

ECRHS has been able to apply a step-by-step business model that has enabled it to transform its services from ideas to reality. To achieve quality service delivery, the organization has focused on finding good financial creditors and also collaborating with other active health care organizations such a Primary Health Care Medical Home and the Nursing Credential Center to gain the collaborator value. (Pearson, 2018).

Current Target Market

The Organizations’ current market is women as they are the majority in the country and also patients with heart-related issues. It also provides rehabilitation for patients with cardiac and oncology problems. Pearson (2018).

External Environment

The high population growth rate in Chestnut and its surrounding counties has influenced ECRHS to expand on women’s health, oncology, and emergency services. The availability of good corporate financiers has also enabled the organization to achieve sustainable development and run its programs swiftly (Faisal, 2016). ECRHS has quite a large mass of land that has allowed the expansion of its facilities.


Financial and ethical factors are indeed critical issues that affect the overall performance of health care organizations. East Chestnut Regional Health System has become one of the most successful hospitals in the community by subduing stiff competition and ensuring appropriate financial and ethical discipline.

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