How Cultural Diversity Affects a Teams Performance Essay

How Cultural Diversity Affects a Teams Performance Essay

How Cultural Diversity Affects a Teams Performance Essay

Alongside the technology revolution, cultural diversity is a current trend in almost all major organizations. Ninety percent of large corporations have multiple branches in different localities (Frijns, et al., 2016), an occurrence that makes it possible for people from different backgrounds to come together to work as a unit. The associated challenges notwithstanding, quite a good number of individuals feel that cultural diversity within the workplace has a positive impact on a company’s performance. Managers expect employees to efficiently interact with persons from different cultures. While the effect of cultural diversity varies from one organizational setting to another, having people with different cultures on a team influences such team variables as communication, cohesion, conflict, creativity, and satisfaction. According to Frijns et al. (2016), all these factors, in turn, influence a team’s overall performance.

How Cultural Diversity Affects a Team’s Performance Essay

Effective communication is a necessary catalyst for quality team performance. For effective communication to occur, individuals must obtain a common language and value similar things. One way that cultural diversity interferes with effective communication is through language difference, which in turn influences the nature of values upheld by different people (Bouncken et al., 2016). Conflict may arise if there is ineffective communication brought about by cultural differences, leading to poor performance. Conflict may also arise due to different priorities as well as needs. Cohesion, on the other hand, has a great impact on the team’s outcome as it involves the satisfaction of a member within the group, positive social interactions, and how one is attracted to the group. If one is not satisfied with the group, their creativity is likely to be limited, which results in reduced or compromised output (Bouncken et al., 2016).

How to Incorporate a Person from a Different Culture into a Team

The initial step of incorporating a person from a different culture into a team is by first acknowledging the existent cultural differences. Assuming that these differences are not there only creates room for conflicts. By acknowledging the various differences, one can now look for ways of removing the barriers that may inhibit good team performance (Alemu, 2016). Finding an acceptable way of overcoming language barrier is paramount as it often presents the greatest challenge to cultural integration and acceptance. To solve this issue, individuals must think along the lines of establishing a common language. The next thing would be to plan cross-cultural training to help employees feel closer to one another. Further, the team can focus on discussing existing stereotypes with the goal of clearing any misconceptions that may exist. When effectively done, this will lead to an understanding among the different team members, thereby establishing a cohesive team. Eventually, there will be effective communication and cooperation within the group.

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