Wastage of Resources and Efforts in Health Care Paper

Wastage of Resources and Efforts in Health Care Paper

In most countries, the health care industry spends more money than any other sector. While the money is intended to reduce disease burden and improve wellbeing, it is unfortunate that a lot of it is wasted in various ways. For instance, a study by Shrank et al (2019), showed that approximately 25% of total healthcare spending in the US is lost on wastages. Notably, there are several ways in which resources and efforts are wasted in health care today. First, failures in care delivery lead to massive wastage of resources. Lack of implementation of effective care and preventive services to patients lead to bad clinical outcomes, injuries, and higher costs. Thus, poor delivery makes patients pay and seek for health services longer than they should. The other way in which resources are wasted is through overtreatment which is usually motivated by other selfish factors apart from the optimal health of a patient. Such would include asking for unrequired diagnostic procedures to protect against malpractice liability in lawsuits. Overtreatment may also be witnessed when doctors insist on providing intensive care for patients in end-of-life stages. This is wrong especially if the immediate family would have preferred otherwise.


Finally, wastages are quite evident in frauds and abuse of position and power. As the government commits to funding the health care sector both in public and private practice, there are some selfish individuals who extend their corrupt practices to gain from such money (Shrank et al, 2019). Such individuals engage in malpractices such as overpricing supplies and paying for nonexistence projects. Notably, the corrupt individuals use their position in power to conceal their acts. This results in a lot of wastage of funds as such individuals usually go unnoticed making it easy for them to continue with their unscrupulous acts.

Reference for Wastage of Resources and Efforts in Health Care Paper

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