States, Rights, and Constitution Paper

States, Rights, and Constitution Paper

States, Rights, and Constitution

Laissez-faire is a system of economy in which a government does not intervene in the transactions of private citizens. This system is free from forms of government regulations such as economic interventions and subsidies (Zafirovski, 2019). Laisses-faire operates on the basis that citizens are private people with rights to enter into contracts with one another.

States, Rights, and Constitution Paper

Conversely, the welfare state system is a form of governance where a government intervenes, protects, and indulges in the economic and social well-being of its citizens (Aspalter, 2017). The reason for government involvement/intervention is to ensure equitable distribution of wealth and resources. In this system, the government provides social welfare for its citizens through provision of social services.

Statism is a form of governance where political authority is considered legitimate. Statism has many forms from small government to large governments. In state capitalism, it is widely accepted that governments have a legitimate role in directing and controlling the economy. In this system of governance, matters of the economy such as planning and control is placed at the hands of a highly centralized government. This control and planning extend to other critical things such as ownership of industry.

Socialism is a type of economic and political ideology where a state has control over the means of production. This form of governance derives its evolution from Marxism. In this type of governance, the government is responsible for the allocation of state resources to its citizens (Hopkins, 2019). In socialism, wealth and means of production are owned communally unlike in capitalism where every citizen has the right to own wealth and means of production individually.

States, Rights, and Constitution Paper References

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