SOC 480 Week 6 Discussions

SOC 480 Week 6 Discussion


Access and read the “GCU Statement on the Integration of Faith and Work.” GCU believes that the Christian is to use his or her gifts, talents, and skills as well as resources to restore broken lives and communities. Next, access and review the “Mock Community” case study. Explain how a social worker with a Christian worldview, working in the mock community, could contribute to needed change in that community. Lastly, provide some examples of this philosophy in action.

GCU holds their students, staff and faculty to high standards and expects them to follow key principles. GCU believes that Christians strive to restore families, communities and societies. They do this by restoring the broken lives in the communities that have collapsed, they work through providing gifts, skills and resource to those that are in need through the word of the lord. GCUs statement states, “the Christian life must involve compassion and care, not only for the spiritual needs of mankind, but also for basic physical needs that stem from poverty, oppression and injustice” (GCU Statement). This is not much different then what social workers believe. The social worker mission statement is to enhance human well-being and help meet the basic human needs of all people, with particular attention to the needs and empowerment of people who are vulnerable, oppressed, and living in poverty (Code of ethics, n.d.).

The social workers in the mock interview were in the community to help the community in the schools, they tried to get resources together for the community, but no one came do to fear. The social workers were acting as a Christian would by trying to enhance the well-being of the community. The social workers could benefit from knowing and understanding the community better, this can be done by educating them on the needs of communities and the resources in the surrounding areas.


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Describe the social issue you are analyzing for your capstone proposal. Next, explain how a social worker with a Christian worldview can conduct research on your selected social issue as well as be involved in direct practice while still adhering to the code of ethics and respecting the client’s rights and dignity. 

My community has nearly 2500 homeless people, these number have grown since this report because the last report was done in 2018. Men, women and families make up the 2500 people. Washoe County lacks enough affordable house, employment for those without an education, there is a high rate of mental illness and substance abuse. The community has several risk factors that play a role in driving the homeless population growth. Through analyzing previous data and interviews social workers can conduct research of those that are affected by homelessness. Social workers should always remain unbiased and show empathy to those that they are serving, remaining ethical in all situations. Remembering that the clients already have society against them, they don’t need us to judge them but to help them instead. Reminding them that all the information will remain confidential will help them open up while remaining ethically sound.