Informatics Solution Proposal Issue Identification

Informatics Solution Proposal Issue Identification

Informatics Solution Proposal Issue Identification

Problem Identified: Using Paper Charts For All Patient Records 

Patients’ health records has transformed into a critical component of healthcare that impact on quality care and patient outcomes. Healthcare records offer healthcare givers the most reliable source of data to complete multiple functions and purposes (Shenoy & Appel, 2017 Informatics Solution Proposal Issue Identification). There are numerous professionals in a hospital setting that require to use a patient’s medical record daily. EHR is a patient-centered care that require interprofessional collaboration, centralized storage of patient data which is accessible online offers the required flexibility and convenience compared to paper-based systems.


Electronic Health Record reduces medical errors. The biggest disadvantage of paper-based patient records is that they are error-prone. Considering the fact that paper-based records are hand-written, there is a high degree of error. Errors in paper-based health records range from ineligible writing to misspelt diagnosis and medication, which lead to error in treatment of patients (Lin, Lin & Chen, 2019 Informatics Solution Proposal Issue Identification).

In Electronic Health Records (EHR), the record contains more accurate and extensive information spanning from a patient’s medical history, the treatment plan, lab test results, diagnoses, and medication history. All of these critical factors may not always be present in paper-based patient health record.

EHR allows interprofessional collaboration which impact positively on patient outcome.  Paper-based health records is cumbersome and time-wasting for medical professionals. In paper-based health records, nurses, doctors and other health professionals have to shuffle through voluminous files searching for patient’s information. They spend a lot of time searching and sorting through files which is cumbersome and uses a lot of time (Akhu-Zaheya, Al‐Maaitah & Hani, 2018 Informatics Solution Proposal Issue Identification).

However, through EHR, with a simple stroke of a few keys on the keyboard, nurses and health professionals can access the entire medical history of a patient in the shortest time possible. Besides, EHR relieve health facilities from the need to store bulky documents in cabinets, a factor which frees up space that could be used for more critical things such as supplies, equipment, and other essentials. Informatics Solution Proposal Issue Identification

Informatics Solution Proposal: Issue Identification References

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Informatics Solution Proposal Issue Identification Assignment Content

The purpose of the Informatics Solution Proposal is to increase knowledge and ability with informatics and technology products for the health care workplace setting. You will review the functionality of various products and select one that best meets the needs of a health care setting. This is the first phase of your project, which is issue identification.

Identify an issue (either clinical or administrative) in a health care workplace that could be resolved by implementing an informatics or technology solution. For example, a health care facility using paper charts for all patient records is an issue that could be resolved by implementing an electronic health record (EHR). Informatics Solution Proposal Issue Identification

Draft a letter or memo to a nursing administrator, informing them of the clinical or administrative problem, why it is a concern, and a request for permission to research and propose a solution.

Note: Do not identify a specific solution or product. You are only defining the existing problem and requesting permission to research possible solutions.

Support your letter with at least 3 peer-reviewed resources.

Format the letter according to APA guidelines for formal business correspondence. Note: See the Sample Business Memo in the Center for Writing Excellence.

Provide an APA-formatted references page for all resources used.