Roles Enacted As an Information Nursing Specialist Sample

Roles Enacted As an Information Nursing Specialist Sample

During my practicum, I realized that the health industry has been revolutionized by technology. A lot of changes have occurred in the way health professionals interact with patient data and other forms of health-related information (Collins., 2017). One major change that I was able to notice was the implementation of electronic health records (EHR) in almost all sections. As an information nursing specialist (INS), I managed to design a comprehensive means of using health informatics and the EHR in the management of pressure injuries, PrI.

Unlike physicians, nurses have a great understanding of the workflow in most clinics and hospitals because they go to almost every department. They also act as the link between various hospital sections. Information nursing specialists have a great understanding of how the EHR systems operate and possess intimate knowledge of integrating them into the workflow. Thus, my main role was to oversee the implementation of a standardized as well as an accurate integumentary informatics system for the assessment and documentation of PrI.


In my practicum, I realized that the success of EHR depended greatly on the capability of clinicians to use it. Having that in mind, I used much of my time training the team on how to utilize and ensure that records were being saved successfully. I had to thoroughly evaluate the different software technology, including the EHR and the CMS QRM to maximize usability within the facility. Also, I had to monitor these systems from time-to-time to ensure that it was functioning properly without hitches.

As an informatics nursing specialist, most healthcare professionals expect you to integrate medical knowledge with IT (Kwak et al., 2017). Colleagues will turn to you whenever they feel that they can leverage technology to solve a medical problem. Thus, I had to look for ways of improving care and outcomes for patients likely to suffer from PrI by leveraging presently existing technology. In sum, I played an integral in the adoption of HER and informatics in managing PrI, provided EHR training, updated systems now and then, developed friendly EHR interfaces, and lead the team in general.

Roles Enacted As an Information Nursing Specialist Sample References

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