QSEN Competencies Nursing Paper

QSEN Competencies Nursing Paper

QSEN Competencies Nursing Paper

Quality and Safety Education for Nursing (QSEN) guides nurses to deliver high-quality and safe patient care. QSEN helps the nurses to identify any gaps and find solutions to bridge the gaps. There are different QSEN competencies, and they include Safety, Quality Improvement, Evidence-Based Practice, Teamwork and Collaboration, Patient-Centered Care, and Informatics. Among these, the most important competency is Patient-Centered Care. QSEN Competencies Nursing Paper


As a nurse, I have realized that Patient-Centered Care competence is very important in enhancing quality patient care. According to Sherwood & Nickel (2017), Patient-Centered Care recognizes the patient as a control source. Besides, the patient is also a partner in providing coordinated care. As a result, the nurse should work with the patient considering the patient’s needs, values, and preferences. Cengiz and Yoder (2020) state that many nursing students perceive that topic related to patient-Centered care are covered more in their curricula.

I have applied this competence by involving patients in my work. For example, I give patients different alternatives for their medication, and I allow them to choose one they are comfortable with. I will continue applying this competency even as a graduate nurse. Also, I believe that women should be given a chance to choose between vaginal mode of delivery and caesarean section delivery. Designing Care through the patient’s eye effectively provides quality to all patients (Edgman-Levitan & Schoenbaum, 2021). Therefore, I will embrace the Patient-Centered Care competence to guide me to have better relations with the patients.

The QSEN competencies are essential in nursing. Patient-Centered Care is more critical since the nurse can focus more on the welfare of the patient. If the patient is satisfied due to the quality of Care given, the overall healthcare department will improve.

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QSEN Competencies Nursing Paper Instructions

QSEN Competencies Nursing Paper

In reviewing the QSEN competencies, which competency do you feel is most important? (There is no right or wrong answer here.) Give specific examples of how you have applied this competency to your current nursing practice with respect to patient safety. How will you apply this competency to your nursing practice as a graduate nurse?