Project Management in Nursing Informatics Discussion

Project Management in Nursing Informatics Discussion

Project Management in Nursing Informatics Discussion

Question: Review Advanced Practice Nurse (APN) roles and the application of project management concepts, one of the major elements of NURSING INFORMATICS , but new to most nurses. What type of application does this have for your practice?

Nurse informatics specialists impact patient outcomes through the implementation of technology initiatives that improve the efficiency and quality of patient care. As technology increases in complexity and scope, so does the role of nurses change in scope and complexity (Melender, & Hilli, 2019 Project Management in Nursing Informatics Discussion). Technology is one of the critical factors that can adequately tackle these complexities and other challenges experienced in the health care sector. Skills and knowledge in project management give Advanced Practice Nurses (APNs) the expertise to tackle complex healthcare problems.

APNs are highly skilled in providing quality patient care but do not possess management skills to plan and take control of resources. APNs are highly suited for projects such as the implementation of information technology. To effectively implement and manage such projects, APNs need to acquire training on project management skills. Such skills help APNs to eliminate mistakes, save time, and increase the quality of care. The nursing process contains a systematic process of planning, diagnosis, evaluation, and implementation, which is similar to the processes in project management (Geddie, 2019). The critical steps/processes in project management include project start, execution stage, monitoring, and closing stages. Knowledge of these steps can help an APN to acquire critical skills in designing, implementing, evaluating, and managing the data structures and information systems that support nursing care.

Further, project management in nursing informatics helps APNs in designing and completing critical capstone projects (Duff, 2019 Project Management in Nursing Informatics Discussion). As an APN, acquiring training in project management will help me to define the scope of nursing informatics projects and meet all the deliverables within the required time frame. Besides, I will acquire other critical skills such as; concept mapping, collection and analysis, and workflow analysis, parameters critical in project management.

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