Essay on Strategic Planning in Nursing

Strategic planning is a practice of anticipating the future, assessing present situations and making decisions to achieve particular outcomes set within a policy. In all medical care associations they have a dream and a mission. To keep up the vision or mission, medical services needs to adjust to changes inside the medical services field. Key planning permits an organization to have objectives that can be estimated in an intentional way. Strategic planning can be utilized to guide everyday activities and decisions. Progress appraisal and making changes when required in the manner an objective is being drawn closer are all essential for strategic planning (Abusharekh, 2020).

Essay on Strategic Planning in Nursing

Using strategic planning for the future helps medical services  to adjust and expand to anticipated changes in the future from patient care, to profitability, and to finances.  The planning helps in improving: organization culture, goals and objectives, financial plans, administration decision, risks handling, resource planning and long reach determining.

There are a several tools that can be used in future health planning. SWOT Analysis is tool that distinguishes Strengths, Weaknesses, Openings, and Threats (Büyüközkan, 2020). SWOT aids   an individual to realize and improve on their needs and opportunities accessible and potential threats that may affect medical services negatively. Another instrument is visioning. This is a tool that focuses on objective setting and the advancement of a more profound vision for what’s to come. A heath care organization need to look for at least five years into the future and set up objectives they needs to reach. At that point, they need distinguish the means it will take to arrive at those objectives. That is visioning. These are just two instances of how future strategic planning can be accomplished.

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