Essay on Vulnerable Groups in The United States

Vulnerable groups in healthcare can be generally defined as a group of people in the society who suffer physical, mental, or other limitations exposing them to poor health status and access to healthcare and significant healthcare disparities. Every government plays a significant role in ensuring all their citizens, regardless of their race or ethnic group, receive quality healthcare. Among the vulnerable groups are ethnic minority groups.

Essay on Vulnerable Groups in The United States

The minority ethnic groups are prone to actual and perceived discrimination, poor quality services, and more genetically exposed to chronic health conditions than non-minority. They are thus associated with poor health statuses and poor health outcomes.

More than 46 million African Americans and 60 million Hispanic whites reside in the United States compared to over 60 million non-Hispanic whites (Statista, n.d.). The percentage of African American and Hispanic whites compared to African Americans is relatively marginal. In New Jersey State, the trend is similar. The number of African Americans was 1.14M, and Hispanic Americans were 1.09M in 2018, compared to 4.68M non-Hispanic whites (Statista, n.d.).

These minority groups are poorly represented in the federal and state government and other regulatory bodies (Carter, Lau, & Johnson, 2017). They thus find it hard to air grievances, especially against the native offenders. More so, they are neglected in the formulation of policies regarding healthcare, and these policies impede their access to quality healthcare, contributing to the existing health disparities.

Nurses are integral in the care of minorities. The nursing code of ethics instructs that nurses should ensure health equity and minimize health disparities (Stievano and Tschudin, 2019). Nurses should accord quality healthcare and make these groups their target in health promotion and disease prevention practices. Nurses can advocate for the formulation of policies that favor these minority groups.

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