Ethical Principal Application Task 2 Nursing Roles

Ethical Principal Application Task 2 Nursing Roles

A1. Response to the scenario.

I will kindly tell Mr. Newcomb that I appreciate his trust for the request and that he has a special place in my heart, and it is a privilege for me to take care of him during this tough time, and I wish sincerely that he spends his lasts days the best as possible, however, I do not think is appropriate for me to lie to his wife so he can make arrangements to see his mistress. Ethical Principal Application Task 2 Nursing Roles. I will also tell Mr. Newcomb that I respect his wishes, and he does not need to worry because I will not discuss our conversation with his wife.

Ethical Principal Application Task 2 Nursing Roles

A2. Principles of Personal of Beneficence, Nonmaleficence, Autonomy, and Justice

Ethical values are essential for healthcare workers. Every nurse must adhere to ethical principles, I will show Beneficence by responding to Mr. Newcomb In a kind and respectful manner even if his request can make me feel uncomfortable. I fulfilled Nonmaleficence by remaining competent in my care and by telling Mr. Newcomb he must not worry because I will not tell his wife about our conversation. Autonomy by respecting and accepting Mr. Newcomb with his own beliefs and values and the right to have his own opinion without any judgment. Justice by treating Mr. Newcomb with dignity and providing the same quality of care as before our conversation, always doing the best that I can do to treat my patients.

A3. Personal Beliefs and Values.

As a nurse, my personal beliefs and values should not influence in my ability to care for my patients. I do believe that cheating is not acceptable under any circumstance, however, I’m not in the position to judge Ms. Newcomb for his actions or beliefs. Ethical Principal Application Task 2 Nursing Roles. After Mr. Newcomb requested my quality of care for him will not become affected neither the special place he has in my heart.

A4. Promoting Self-Care Strategies.

Nurse burnout is a state of mental, physical, and emotional fatigue associated with the work environment, we as nurses must take care of our mental and physical state. My first self-care strategy is taking long hot showers after work before bedtime, and long hot baths on my days off, it allows me to clear my mind and relax. My second strategy is to treat myself at the salon with pedicure and manicure I will usually go with my mom so we can chat while we get it done, spending quality time with my mom helps me to reset my mind and body. My last strategy is spending time out with my fiancé we usually go out to eat and that helps me to relax.