Ethical Theory Matrix Paper

Ethical Theory Matrix

Ethical Theory Matrix Paper

Theory Decision Criteria Your Own Example Strengths Weaknesses
Utilitarianism The utilitarianism theory advocates for decisions that brings happiness to the greatest number.Under this theory, a decision is termed as right only if it fosters happiness or pleasure for the greatest number.

Health care providers make decision criteria by looking at the greatest pleasure for the majority.

A nurse deciding to treat a patient against his/her will because of the request from majority. The majority can request the nurse to treat the patient according to their wish and the nurse agrees because it will bring happiness to the majority. The theory enhances happiness amongst the majority group.It encourages teamwork and unity in any formal setting. It violates the rights of the patient (the patient is denied his/her human right)
Kantian Ethics This theory advocates for “good will” (Lundberg, 2017).An action can only be right if it is motivated by morality.

In nursing, any decision made should be from morality point of view.

Euthanasia is a wrong decision because we are not expected to take away an individual’s life. Morally life has to be respected. Limits individuals from making decisions from their emotions. Forces one to take actions that they do not enjoy doing them.
Ross’s Ethics The theory focuses on moral truths.A decision is right only if it is true and good. Nurses promise patients the best services and they have to fulfill the promise It enhances self-improvement in nursing profession It encourages laziness as it encourages people to help each other.
Natural Law Ethics Decisions are made from individuals’ intrinsic values Subjecting a patient to drugs that can kill him or her is wrong. Govern behavior and actions of people. Poor interpretation of the law since it is done at an individual level.

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