NRNP 6665 Study Plan Reflection Paper

My first goal was to increase my knowledge base in psychopharmacology. To achieve this goal, I planned to study for at least 2 hours daily, six days a week, until I sit for my certification exam. With this learning plan, I was able to get more information on psychopharmacology, which has been helpful for my practice as a nurse. It also helped me perform better in my certification exam. I used online libraries such as PubMed and NCBI to study, and I joined a study group that was so helpful in sharing information and simplifying some concepts, which has helped me treat my patients. As Gouvea (2019) suggests, study groups provide learners with a different perspective on how they approach respective terms and information.

NRNP 6665 Study Plan Reflection Paper

My second goal was to familiarize myself with test questions. My plan to achieve this goal was to use a series of practice exam questions related to psychopharmacology. I used psychopharmacology review questions and online sites such as Quizlet, which were rich in questions and content that has been so instrumental in my practice. Sharmin and Chow (2020) indicate that using flashcards in learning can optimize and summarize critical information into factual knowledge. While answering the questions, I gathered information that has given me a different perspective and how I approach patients who present diverse symptoms.

The third goal was to improve my memory of psychopharmacotherapy concepts. To achieve this goal, I planned to list psychiatric conditions and the most prescribed psychotropic medications. This has helped me familiarize myself with the different patient conditions and identify specific patient symptoms. This plan has also expanded my memory capacity on the psychopharmacology concepts. It has been quite instrumental in my practice as it has given me a more comprehensive view of the behavior of different psychiatric patients. Reading several conditions and prescriptions has become easy for me to care for my patients.

NRNP 6665 Study Plan Reflection Paper References

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