NUR 513 Topic 8 Discussion 1 Sample

Topic 8 DQ 1 Sample Approach

The first organization I decided to discuss that interest me is the American Nurses Association, or ANA. The ANA is an organization that helps RNs “Unite with registered nurses across the nation to advance their careers” (ANA Enterprise faqs, n.d.). The organizational goal is to serve as a voice for nursing. Founded in 1896, the organization has been assisting with changes in the nursing profession for nearly as long as nursing has been around. The membership is exclusive to RNs, as you must be a nurse to be a part of the organization. As a healthcare leader and future APRN, this organization matches my personal philosophy of uniting with colleagues for the betterment of the profession. The population this organization seeks to reach is the general nursing population, encouraging nurses with various backgrounds and experiences to come together in order to better the profession.

NUR 513 Topic 8 Discussion 1 Sample

The second organization I decided to highlight is the Hospice and Palliative Nurses Association, or HPNA. I decided to highlight this, as I recently accepted a management position for an expanding hospice company as their RN clinical manager for my location. I have had hospice experience tracing back to my very first clinical rotation. The HPNA breaks down their association into three categories: “Mission – Advance nursing expertise in hospice and palliative care through education, advocacy, leadership, and research., Vision – Every person living with serious illness receives equitable, comprehensive, and innovative hospice and palliative nursing care. and Pillars of Excellence – Education, Competence, Advocacy, Leadership, Research” (About Us, n.d.) This organization aligns with my practice because I believe one of the most comforting and beneficial things you can do for a patient and their family is educate them throughout the hospice process. In order to be a member, you can register as a RN, LPN, nurse assistant, retired RN, or student. (About Us, n.d.)

The third and final organization I am writing about is American Organization of Nursing Leadership, or AONL. AONL aims to “Transform healthcare through expert and influential leadership” (American Organization for Nursing Leadership, n.d.) This aligns with my professional practice as it focuses on improving leadership in the profession. Requirements to be a part of this organization include being an RN in a healthcare environment.

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