NUR 513 Topic 8 Discussion 2 Example

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One of the bills that is being considered in Arizona is bill number HB2088: ALTCS; PREADMISSION SCREENING. It requires that the client is evaluated virtually or on the phone prior to admission in the hospital for the purpose of pre-admission screening. This screening will assess the needs of the patient prior to admission such as: medical, social, nursing, functional, developmental, etc (Arizona State Senate, 2022). This bill will greatly and positively impact the nursing practice by; decreasing the numbers of patients in the ED waiting room, decreasing numbers of readmission as some cases may not need admission, decrease the amount of time spent in the waiting room while trying to gather information from patients, facilitate the admission process in the ED, and transfer the responsibilities of the preadmission screening from Department of Health Services (DHS) to Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS).

NUR 513 Topic 8 Discussion 2 Example

I can see myself becoming involved in political advocacy for the profession of nursing. I’m currently a member of nursing quality subcommittee in my work place and absolutely proud to disseminate information from subcommittee to my floor or vice versa. I get to be involved in quality projects and hot topics to improve certain practices and improve patient care outcomes. I think that nurses have a lot to advocate for in the nursing profession and can certainly make changes if we become involved in political advocacy.

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One of the biggest proposed health care legislation proposals going on in my home state of South Dakota right now is the proposed expansion of Medicaid. According to Eric Mayer of KELOLAND News (2022). This will be voted on in November’s elections. SD is one of 12 states that has not expanded Medicare coverage. For my future practice, this means that more low-income people will have better access to healthcare. Furthermore, some of the largest care providers in the state, including my home hospital, support the decision for Medicaid expansion. As the legislation sits right now, the expansion would provide close to 1.3 Billion dollars over the next 5 years back into the state, once signed into law. More than helping Medicaid beneficiaries, the money will be put back into the states economy. (Mayer, 2022)

One way I have and will continue to be active in South Dakota politics is by writing my congressman and senator. This spring, I spent a good amount of time writing to congressman Dusty Johnson and felt heard when he personally called me back. Nurses are a respected profession and demand attention when they feel unheard or misrepresented. Another way to advocate in my state is participating in “Nurses day at the capital” which is a unique experience. It allows us as nurses to interact with politicians and other nurses who are interested in lawful evolution within the state.