Personal Philosophy on Why I Want to Be a Nurse Essay

Personal Philosophy on Why I Want to Be a Nurse Essay

Why I Want to Be a Nurse

Everyone has a worldview, or rather a reason behind one or all their beliefs. Circumstances, religion, and observation drive some. We justify our desires majorly depending on our worldviews. We get meaning and motivation to do what we decide to do from what we think, see or hear. This fact defines some decisions in my life. This essay focuses on why I want to be a nurse.

Personal Philosophy on Why I Want to Be a Nurse Essay

I was born in the city of Camden, New Jersey, by a single mother. She was not stable, and she was still in college, so I was left under the care of my grandparents. At the age of ten, my grandmother was diagnosed with colon cancer. Everything seemed to stand still because finances for her chemotherapy were scarce, and my grandfather did not have sufficient funds to continue her therapy. As I came to learn later, colon cancer comes with loss of bowel function, malabsorption problems, abdominal pain, and marked loss of function.

She grew thinner by the day, had problems meeting her daily needs such as bowel clearance, bladder care, and personal grooming. She relied on the little help my grandfather would offer. My input was limited, and I would only do manageable linen, cooking, and buying supplies. My grandmother was heavy, and I could not lift her alone or help with other functions such as bowel care because I did not know how to do it. Her health deteriorated, and other relatives were reluctant to help. She would miss her appointments and chemotherapy sessions which made her health worse. She would cry often, and so would my mother because they did not have adequate knowledge in the care of a cancer patient.

The authority intervened, and she was transferred to a nursing home for further care. I went to visit my grandmother and found several other older adults in the facility. The nurses would help her with all activities of daily living, such as feeding, bowel management, oral care, and talk therapy. I found her happy and saw her smiling, something I had not seen for a long time. Her health had changed drastically, and she had added weight. She had her medications on time, would have her meals in time, had psychology support, and was comfortable.

These aspects of care and the outcome made me fall in love with nursing. The caring aspect of the profession is a core value in nursing, and it was my attraction. However, later she was diagnosed with a brain tumor after metastasis due to poor initial management of cancer. She succumbed to cancer, but her last moments were much better. What hurts me is that she died prematurely, and her death was preventable. Many more people are like us; they have lost a loved one to preventable disease or complication due to lack of information.

My motivation to be a nurse is based on my desire to ensure patients get the best care, especially oncology care. Most patients get chronic diseases at old age and do not get people to care for them. Thus, they end up leading miserable lives full of diseases and lack of life satisfaction. I desire to ensure that cancer patients receive the attention they require. As a nurse, I will advocate for an increase in the capacity of nursing homes to help older adults achieve a quality life. I will also advocate for older adults to have elaborate healthcare insurance schemes to ensure they get all healthcare they need.

Being a nurse shall equip me with enough knowledge and skills to adequately provide healthcare services to family and society members. Lack of enough knowledge and skills and inability to offer support (psychological and physical) was painful to me. I want to help those in need at any time without watching people suffer without anything I can do to help. I will adequately care for my family and lead healthy lives free of preventable diseases with enough knowledge. Nursing is a prestigious course, and being a nurse provides a status quo in society. A nurse in a neighborhood is a valuable asset, and I wish to be that valuable asset in our neighborhood.

As a nurse, I will reach a bigger portion of society and educate them on the care of patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, coronary heart disease, asthma, HIV/AIDS, and cancer common in the communities. People are suffering in their homes due to a lack of basic knowledge in the care of these patients and funds to access quality healthcare services. Knowledge is power, and with the proper knowledge, the families can adequately care for their patients, thus improving the quality of their lives. Adequate care of patients at home will ensure they are not frequently readmitted and will reduce the burden on the healthcare providers stretching the available healthcare resources. In addition, an awareness of these conditions shall ensure people take actions to prevent them and seek early, thus preventing complications.

Finally, being a nurse offers personal knowledge in many areas and an open door for professional development and career growth. As a nurse, I can choose to advance in many areas such as oncology nursing, family health, midwifery, mental health, geriatrics, critical care, and pediatrics nursing. Advancing will enhance my skills and knowledge and widen the scope of practice, thus providing better and specialized care to community members. Oncology nursing is an area of interest to me. I want to do nursing to specialize in nursing oncology and participate in the care of cancer patients. Most importantly, I want to participate in nursing oncology research studies to improve the quality of life of nursing patients and probably discover cures to certain cancers and end human suffering due to cancer.

Being a nurse will help me achieve my goals and dreams. Nursing also enhances career and professional growth. As a nurse, I can provide care to my family and myself besides caring for the community. It will also help bring life satisfaction. Pursuing a career an individual love ensures motivation and success in the career. Thus, nursing is the best career choice, and being a nurse is my long-coveted status.