Safe Harbor Scenario Analysis Paper

In nursing, Safe Harbor protects the practitioner from adverse consequences by an institution in the event that the nurse, in good faith, requested to be allowed to reject a certain assignment (Benton et al., 2021). This paper focuses on the situation where I as the registered nurse working in the orthopaedic unit, receives a request to take up an assignment in the cardiac unit. The eventuality is the loss of a patient due to an error that I make. The essay focuses on the practicability of a Safe Harbor in this scenario.

Safe Harbor Scenario Analysis Paper

Claiming Safe Harbor

I believe that this is a situation in which I would have claimed Safe Harbor. Safe Harbor is appropriate in instances surrounding clinical assignments where the nursing practitioner believes that harm may result in the care of the patient (Quigley et al., 2019). During the issuance of my assignment in the cardiac unit, I received clear information that the unit is understaffed. I also made it clear to my supervisors that I believed that I was not up to the task since I have been working in the orthopaedics unit for the last ten years and I am not well versed in drugs and technology used in the cardiac unit.


The two-hour orientation is not enough. I am not well versed with the current cardiac trends, and it will be almost impossible to orient myself with the information, an factor that clearly undermining the quality of care I provide and consequently the safety of the patients. The situation where the monitor tech is the one reading the cardiac strips greatly undermines the patient’s safety and leaves room for litigation in case of an error. Regarding being a team player, I would acknowledge the importance of teamwork in nursing practice but point out that patient safety comes first. I am not experienced enough to work in the cardiac unit, something I believe greatly predisposes me to litigation and the cancellation of my license in the event that I make an error.

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