Shuping Yang Speech Analysis Paper

The topic of the speech by Shuping Yang is freedom of expression. The orator, Yang, talks about freedom of speech and freedom of expression, which she has experienced at the University of Maryland. She compares the freedom she found with the situation she used to live in back in China. The speech is oratorical and also takes the form of a persuasive speech. Yang presents it during a special occasion, that is, the commencement for the University of Maryland, class of 2017. She chooses an engaging topic, freedom, and expounds on it exhaustively. In her speech, she describes the benefits of freedom of expression and urges her classmates to embrace it and never take it for granted in several instances.

Shuping Yang Speech Analysis Paper

Her target audience is the students at the University of Maryland. She begins by acknowledging her target audience at the beginning of her speech. She recognizes all the people present but stresses on the students. She introduces her topic in a captivating manner by using a question, drawing her audience’s attention through curiosity. She begins by letting her audience know that it is recognized and appreciated. The audience feels recognized and responds by applauding her, voices heard in the background.

Yang, the orator, richly supports her topic of freedom in several instances in the speech. She narrates how she felt free after breathing fresh air and had to put her mask away. She also narrates the freedom she enjoyed, the freedom of speech, for instance, challenging her instructors and rate them online. She only learned freedom of speech in history classes but had never experienced it back in China, which is seen as critiquing the Chinese culture (Zhao, 2020). Another instance is when she talks of watching the play Twilight. She was shocked hearing students “talk about sexism, politics, and racism as she never thought such topics could be discussed openly,” (Yang, 2017). The instances all build upon the topic of the speech, namely freedom of expression.

She effectively ties her conclusion to the topic of speech. In her concluding remarks, she draws her audience’s attention and changes the intonation. She commits them not to forget democracy and freedom of speech regardless of the path one chooses. Her conclusion is very effective in that she critically emphasizes the main topic, freedom in other dimensions, among them, love, passion, choice, and oxygen. She urges the audience not ever to let it go.

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