Social Determinants of Health Essay


Social determinants of health is a phrase that is used to refer to various conditions that describe how people get born, grow up, lead everyday lives, and get old. Perfect examples of social determinants of health include social status, physical environment, neighborhood, employment status, access to healthcare facilities, and social support networks. The factors above have a huge impact on one’s health. A common trend among Healthcare providers is the intent to deliver value-based healthcare services (Marmot, 2018). By doing so, the providers will help Govern government agencies to drive wellness care amongst communities.

Social Determinants of Health Essay

Communicable Disease Chain Model

The communicable disease chain model refers to a framework that explains how infectious diseases spread from one host to another. Individuals can break the chain of transmission at any point and ultimately end the transferability of the illness (Yang, 2016). By nature, communicable diseases are very infectious. They are transferable from one house to another. These diseases are the direct result of an infection whose origin is pathogens. Technically, pathogens or disease-causing agents can thrive in a human or any other animal host. Some of the most common transmission means include vector, airborne, droplets, contact, and common vehicle.

Steps Nurses Take to Break the Chain of Transmission

Nurses can break the chain of transmission if they embrace specific measures. The whole essence of adopting such measures is to break the communicable disease chain model (Purwowiyoto & Purwowiyoto, 2020). As a nurse, it is highly advisable to embrace the following steps that will ultimately break the chain of transmission: first, nurses should clean their hands frequently. Secondly, they should stay up-to-date with their vaccines, including taking a flu shot as prescribed by a medical doctor. The third step in breaking the chain of transmission entails self-isolation and contact isolation. Most importantly, nurses should use personal protective equipment, and lastly, nurse nurses should clean and disinfect the environment they operate in.

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