Socio-Cultural Discussion Presentation

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Slide 2 – Breastfeeding: Cultural Perspective

Breastfeeding is usually a lifesaving step for mothers and healthcare providers to promote child survival and growth. Breastfeeding has benefits to the baby and the mother. Breastmilk is clear safe for babies. Additionally, it has an immune-protective effect on the baby because of additional antibodies. Breastfeeding also promotes bonding between the mother and the baby. The world health organization recommends breastfeeding in the first hour of life for newborns. However, only three out of every five babies are breastfed in this golden hour. Breastfeeding is negatively affected by other sociocultural factors and ethnic variations. In this presentation, I will discuss the cultural influences on breastfeeding influence patient education and mortality.

Socio-Cultural Discussion Presentation

Slide 3 – Breastfeeding and Patient Education

Breast-feeding has had religious and cultural explanations since the era of Hippocrates and the Jewish religion. According to Eidelman (2020), these beliefs and practices have persisted to date. To a healthcare provider, especially a nurse or midwife, breastfeeding is a source of proper nutrition to the baby and an opportunity for bonding with the baby. Some cultures believe that breastfeeding is inadequate nutritionally and ensure that the mother supplements feed even when the local guidelines provide contrary advice. These cultural practices and beliefs influence the uptake and adherence to patient education provided by healthcare professionals. Breastfeeding provides an opportunity for the healthcare professional to provide patient education and the best healthcare practices surrounding lactation. Regardless of the cultural barriers, the healthcare provider should provide this information and skills to the mother anyway. Socio-Cultural Discussion Presentation

Slide 4 – Breastfeeding and Mortality

Breastfeeding is associated with infant mortality and morbidity. A study by Li et al. (2022) found out that breastfeeding initiation reduces the odds of perinatal deaths in the US. Ware et al. (2019) also found out that low rates of breastfeeding and initiation of breastfeeding significantly impacted infant mortality. According to the Royal College of Pediatrics and Child Health (2020), breast milk provides oligosaccharides that provide a substrate for the formation of antibacterial biofilms against some groups of bacteria. Therefore, failure to breastfeed children predisposes them to infection among other causes of mortality.

Slide 5 – Socio-Cultural Discussion Presentation References