NURS 6003 Strategies for Academic Portfolio Academic Success and Professional Development Plan

Advertising, as a concept, refers to the methods utilized when showcasing the usefulness of a product through different mediums like radio, infomercials, and print media, to encourage potential consumers to purchase it (Dahlen & Rosengren, 2016). It also convinces those that are already using the item or service to continue consuming it.

Strategies for Academic Portfolio Academic Success and Professional Development Plan

Branding, on the other hand, is a marketing strategy that creates an image for the consumer to distinguish a company’s product from other similar products in the market. Both of these marketing concepts aid in creating credibility and popularity for an organization. Similarly, building a personal brand as a student helps in constructing a solid image of oneself in the corporate world.

As Morris (2019) notes, a personal academic portfolio aims at encouraging self-directed learning focused on translating private learning into public knowledge. By pursuing private learning throughout my academic journey, I can successfully advance my scholastic portfolio. In the contemporary world, the World Wide Web plays a huge role in almost every facet pf human life (McCormick, 2017).

For this reason, I believe that uploading my portfolio online is one of the strategies that I can employ to add credibility to my work and to enhance my visibility in the industry. Furthermore, I plan to keep updating it to reflect current developments and achievements. Additionally, I will strive to attain more knowledge in my field by furthering my education to the next academic level. I believe this will not only increase my academic achievements but also refine my educational activities.

We live in a competitive world where personal enhancement is crucial for career advancement. The university emphasizes that social change will mostly occur if professionals strive to improve their capabilities. By furthering my knowledge, I will be in a better position to bring social positive change since I will have better, more relevant know-how of solving emerging issues.

Additionally, I believe that if people can see your capabilities and achievements on the internet, they can identify your potential in furthering social change. That way, they will put you in positions where you can best instill positive change. For instance, a health facility can engage you at a level that best suits your capabilities.

Strategies for Academic Portfolio Academic Success and Professional Development Plan References

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Sample Week 8 Discussion by YN

Strategies for Academic Portfolios

Professional development through training and training has immense value. In particular, Havea & Mohanty (2019) agrees that training and education the capabilities of individuals and improve the level of productivity. In part, education and training provide the respective profession with the required capabilities, which is further reflected in the quality of work and the overall quality of the rendered services (Havea & Mohanty, 2019).

Thus, some of the strategies put in place to advance and develop the academic portfolio are through engaging in training and education. In this approach, attaining the required skills and competence was enhanced through completion of the curriculum and within a given time duration also has a positive impact on the quality of services rendered to the patient and the health care users. Thus, the entire academic activities required to achieve certification will be included in the professional development goals.

In this case, in adherence to the academic domain, the goal of engaging in professional development would be to increase technical skills and competence through continuous education. The second strategy that is incongruent with continuous education is to engage in Advance Practice Registered Nurses (APRN) competence and gain the ability and new knowledge from others and also be part of the greater efforts to disseminate knowledge and information. Continuous education and engagement in professional practice have been cited as having positive impacts on professional development.

The after-mentioned goals focus on the need to engage in education and training as part of the professional development goals. The goals are also incongruent with the University’s social change. In particular, social change is defined as the deliberate process of creating and applying ideas, actions, and strategies to promote worth and dignity. In this regard, professional development contributes to the process of creating ideas and applying the ideas to actual practice to promote worth and dignity (Raymond, 2020).

For instance, through CE, a professional has the ability to stay up to date with current information and develop new skills which can be implemented in the practice setting to provide quality care. Secondly, engaging in nursing competence is also part of the greater efforts, which also allowed for the application of ideas to improve the dignity and worth of the patient, families, and other health care stakeholders. Thus, the professional goals support the university’s social change through the advancement of practice.

Strategies for Academic Portfolio Academic Success and Professional Development Plan References

Strategies for Academic Portfolios Paper 2

Aside from the day-to-day responsibilities of nursing, it’s critical to have a long-term vision. When clearly written out, these plans provide a road map to success. Getting to the halts along the road to success is an area of development that should be included in our profile once completed. The portfolio will then be utilized to assist us differentiate ourselves from other qualified candidates when applying for jobs, and to enable us to succeed in our profession.

The strategies that one can leverage when developing a portfolio include academic achievements and activities such as natural talent development and research, which are essential paths to professional success. Joining with a reputable organization to gain essential healthcare skills and obtain appropriate qualifications such as a degree program or masters is fundamental to success in any field (Bindon, 2017).

In addition to furthering my studies in this course, I have added to my intellectual portfolio by being certified in my area of the nursing profession. My knowledge of the profession has also advanced. Patients have benefited from this advancement in education as I am able to offer quality care which is specific to their needs. As Gaberson and Langston (2017) note, qualified nurses have been found to make more confident decisions and have more job satisfaction because of their certification.

The second strategic objective entails taking on more employment to obtain as much experience in this field as possible and performing volunteer work in the community helps considerably with the development of academic portfolios. This will give an individual a better chance of being selected when they keep track of all certificates obtained while in school or work experience with various companies and environments (Hankins, Palokas & Christian, 2021).

Since I am the facility’s content specialist, I have had the opportunity to take part in annual nursing competency on mechanical ventilation support at my facility. This has helped me come up with fresh and unique ways to convey the information. I am able to learn more. The university’s goal of social change is to alter behavior on a global level. Both of these projects, I feel, will contribute to this objective by allowing for the advancement of nursing practice.

Advancing one’s education level to achieve more qualifications can make one competitive in the field, respected by their colleagues and gain more promotions in their work line. It also contributes to more achievements and improved performance in that unit, thus leading to improved patient outcomes.

Strategies for Academic Portfolio Academic Success and Professional Development Plan References

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