Under-Served Community Paper

Agency and Reason For Choosing

Passage Hospice is a general inpatient agency situated in New Orleans. I chose the agency because my late grandmother was temporarily admitted to the facility, where she received quality care and services. Hospice care offers empathetic and concerned care for individuals in the final stages of incurable disease to live comfortably and fully as possible (American Cancer Society, 2021).

Under-Served Community Paper

Brief History And Mission Of The Agency

Passage Hospice agency was established in 2012 as a stand-alone inpatient unit on the Mississippi’s river banks. Passage Hospice mission is to provide paramount care to clienteles in catastrophe until their signs and symptom are managed and they can go back to their home environment.

Target Population.

The agency targets individuals and their caregivers who are suffering from an advanced, life-limiting ailment. Most individuals are usually old and in their final life stages.

Services and Programs Provided.

Passage Hospice offers four levels of hospice care, including routine homecare, respite care, general inpatient care, and continuous care. Continuous care permits clienteles in crisis to stay at home while obtaining inpatient care level while general inpatient care permits clienteles in crisis to obtain short-term care at the facility until the symptoms are managed and they can be discharged (Passage Hospice, 2020). Respite care permits the caregivers to rest by housing the patient for a maximum of five days monthly while routine homecare allows the caregivers to visit a patient in the comfort of their home often to ensure comfort.

Criteria for Patients

Medicare part B, Medicaid, and most private insurance plans pay for Hospice care. Hospice cares for clienteles in assisted living institutions, nursing homes, at home, and several inpatient settings, determined by the level of care necessitated to manage symptoms effectively.

Interesting Thing About The Facility

The fact that the teams are willing to meet up with the patients at their localities is what I found most interesting. The facility also uses a team of trained specialists who value life and offer all-inclusive care for the clienteles needs. Understanding value-based care, which intends to enhance the quality and patient outcomes is helpful to me as a professional nurse.

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