Value of Human Life Paper

Value does a human person have

Values make an absolute foundation of the personal encounter between healthcare professionals and patients. In my worldview, every person has an equal, priceless value and limitless potential irrespective of the situations of their conception. Humans stand out from other living creatures due to their creation in God’s image. Humanity starts during conception, when an egg and a sperm bind to create a zygote (Einmahl et al., 2021) The equal value of individuals, regardless of their accomplishments and traits cannot be ignored or verified rationally.The scripture assures that no man or any other creature is placed on earth or exists by mistake. Every person has a distinct position and celestial signature that make their lives inviolable and sacred. Hence, all persons are of equal and priceless value.

Value of Human Life Paper

How my position affects my stance on controversial bioethical issues, such as abortion, designer babies, and stem cell research

The controversial bioethical issues concerning abortion, designer babies, and stem cell research contradict my worldview of the value of human beings. HESC (Human embryonic stem cell) study is particularly immoral because it leads to human life obliteration for research intents. Designer babies also raise a moral concern for me. Formulating designer babies is likely to intensify parental hopes and prospects. This occurs when the parents do not get the child of their choice where their selected qualities fail to materialize. Their dissatisfaction can result in rejection and scorn towards the child.

Lastly, since life begins at conception, abortion supporters continue to undervalue zygotes from the initial months of fetal growth. About 3000 preborn babies are killed through abortion in the United States daily (Fisher, 2019). In other cases, including HESC and designer babies the undervalue of human life continues past birth. There should be a link between the value of a person based on faith and culture and the ethical problems intricate in healthcare practice.

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