BHA-FPX4108 Assessment 3 Recommend a Strategy

BHA-FPX4108 Assessment 3 Recommend a Strategy

Assessment 3: Recommend a Strategy Sample Paper

Community health needs

  • It is important to consider Missouri City’s community’s health needs
  • This is because COVID-19 is a threat to the community’s health and wellbeing
  • The community must therefore work together against COVID-19 to guarantee their health and wellbeing
  • If they ignore the virus, they might not only run the risk of acquiring overwhelming infections but also have their health system overwhelmed by the number of people requiring treatment (Word Health Organization, 2020; Afzal et al., 2021)

BHA-FPX4108 Assessment 3 Recommend a Strategy

The composition of a community

  • A community consists of both man-made and natural characteristics
  • This may also include various age-groups, ethnicities, religions and economic statuses
  • Those who live within the Woodlands Metropolitan area can be considered a community because they practice similar social and economic activities. BHA-FPX4108 Assessment 3 Recommend a Strategy
  • The Missouri City’s community consists of various age groups, ethnicities an gender

(United States Census Bureau, 2019 BHA-FPX4108 Assessment 3 Recommend a Strategy)

Recommended strategies for COVID-19

  • Use facemask to cover nose and face
  • Exercise the 6-foot social distancing rule
  • Minimize or avoid physical contact
  • Avoid large gatherings

(Wilder-Smith & Freedman, 2020; Darcis et al. 2020)

Supportive evidence

  • Wearing masks creates a barrier to prevent respiratory droplets form transferring to others.
  • Studies show that wearing masks prevent the transfer of possibly infected droplets from an infected individual to a healthy individual
  • Maintaining social distance is important because some people who do not display symptoms can spread the virus.
  • Therefore, it is advisable to stay at least two meters from other people, especially if one is at a higher risk of being sick.
  • Exercising the social distancing rule also implies that people should avoid crowded places and minimize physical contact with others. BHA-FPX4108 Assessment 3 Recommend a Strategy

(Darcis et al. 2020)

Community engagement strategy

  • Creating public awareness
  • Being up to date with latest news
  • Receiving information from reliable sources
  • Maintain communication with relevant authorities and stakeholders
  • Mobilizing the community towards collective prevention and management measures

(Word Health Organization, 2020; Afzal et al., 2021)


  • SMART represents specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely goals for containing COVID-19 in Missouri city. BHA-FPX4108 Assessment 3 Recommend a Strategy
  • Specific- Each person living in the city is required maintain social distance and wear face mask whenever they are in public. This will be enforced by the local authority police
  • Measurable – the containment measures can only be relaxed when there is only a 5% rate of infection in the city for the past two weeks
  • Attainable- the city authorities will implement a law prohibiting public gatherings exceeding three people, and prohibiting being in public without face mask
  • Realistic – wearing masks and avoiding crowded paces will certainly break the chain of infection and reduce infection rates
  • Timely – the containment measures will remain in place if COVID-19 is still declared a pandemic

Implementation strategy

  • Strong and resourceful leadership
  • Increased covid-19 testing for adequate containment data
  • Strategy evaluation


  • There needs to be a multidisciplinary approach to COVID-19 response strategy in Missouri city including:
  • Caregivers
  • Nurses
  • GPs
  • Community social workers

This healthcare team will share relevant information and stay informed about the general COVID-19 status in the city and the initiatives taken to ensure the wellbeing of those who are already infected, as well as the uninfected

(Word Health Organization, 2020; Afzal et al., 2021 BHA-FPX4108 Assessment 3 Recommend a Strategy)

Costs and funding sources

  • The government
  • Community health organizations
  • Philanthropic organizations

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