Nursing Research Paper Writing

The majority of nursing students undertaking an undergraduate course are always left asking where they can get assistance with their nursing research paper writing. This is because nursing research paper writing tasks are one of the most complex parts of their course, as they need relevant in-depth knowledge in the field to undertake the nursing research paper writing successfully.

Examples of homework help topics include Role of RN/APRN in Policy Evaluation, NURS-FPX4050 Assessment 1 Preliminary Care Coordination Plan, NURS-FPX4040 Assessment 1 Nursing Informatics in Healthcare, and NURS-FPX4020 Assessment 2 Root-Cause Analysis and Safety Improvement Plan.

A nursing research paper is purely based on evidence from published scholarly medical journals, nursing books, or other relevant academic material published within the last five years. The process of writing the research paper requires academic writing and research prowess from a nursing student. Therefore the structure, data, and language used on them should be accurate to earn the student the best grade possible.

At Nursing Essays Slayers, we have the solution for all your academic nursing needs, including nursing research paper writing. Our competent writers will avail our nursing research paper writing service at your demand, as we understand it has been a troublesome undertaking for students for quite some time. Not only are students in the nursing field busy with complicated coursework, but some lack the knowledge to do an extensive research project.

What To Do To Earn That Degree

Any research paper on a degree program serves as the final project for your studies and involves writing a lengthy academic paper. Nursing research paper writing aims to show what the student has to say about a topic by drawing what others have said about the same topic. They will have to offer a thoughtful and unique perspective when presenting the issue at hand.

Nursing Research Paper Writing

All the process that involves writing a nursing research paper can feel like a burden, and we are here for you. The best nursing research paper writing help platform is readily available to take you through the process of earning that deserved degree.

We have the best tips on writing a nursing research paper, and our team at Nursing Essays Slayers is available 24/7 to assist you through this massive undertaking. We offer the best academic nursing-related help as we have beat all odds to be among the top players in the industry.

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What Is A Research Paper?

During your nursing academic studying, you will come across different types of writes ups from simple class essays, term papers, or even assignments. All these academic papers prepare a nursing student for a future career, but none of the academic writings come close to a research paper.

A nursing research paper is one of the most prolonged and complex academic papers you will ever encounter at your study level. To successfully undertake this nursing research paper writing project, you will have to conduct months of research and be accurate on all the data you collect.

To simplify all this, your research needs to be applicable in nursing and have relevant information to back it up. The process is for the strong-hearted as it would require the student to put in more work than they were previously used to.

Our platforms offer comprehensive nursing research paper writing services, from topic help to research methodology. Our writers are experienced in writing these types of papers and ensure the research is relevant to the current world of nursing. They can also help you understand the research papers created in the best way possible.

Nursing Research Paper Structure and Format

A nursing research paper follows a systematic structure, and in terms of length, it will depend on the selected topic and the in-depth research level. Here is a general breakdown of the structure and format of a nursing research paper.

1. Title Page

This is the first page of any research paper in which we will need to place the title of the research and the author’s information which is your name, the institution’s name, the name of your professor, and the date of submission. The title page is an essential part of the research paper, as your professor will judge the rest of the paper on their first look. If not written well, you are subject to losing marks. Our writers are familiar with the formats used in this first step and will ensure that your research paper is appealing at first glance.

2. Abstract

The abstract of your research summarizes the nursing paper research. This part is equally important to your title page because it gives your audience an overview of what to expect from your research paper. It is about 200 to 300 words long and should have clarity and preciseness.

If the research paper has several sections, the abstract should provide a snapshot of the different sections for more straightforward navigation. The abstract entails a purpose statement, the contents of the research paper, the results, the conclusion, and your recommendations. APA or Harvard abstract guidelines should be followed when writing one.

3. Content Table

This section directs the reader to where to find each heading and sub-heading of the research paper. We can help you create a content table that clearly shows where to find the headings of all the topics on the research paper and the page numbers placed. This helps in the easier location of the content when reading through the paper. So far, all the word count accumulated in the first three sections of the research paper will only be part of its general word count if the rubric species so.

4. Introduction

The introduction to your research paper is approximately a tenth of all the work. We will provide an excellent hook for the research topic that is well thought out. We will include background information on the subject while presenting the nursing issue that your paper is addressing.

The purpose of this first part of the nursing paper research is to let the reader know the aim of the research. We will carefully outline the scope of the research and its purpose. The introduction will be critical yet simple to guide you when defending the research easily.

5. Literature Review

This is another critical section where we will explore nursing scholars’ literature addressing your chosen topic. The literature review process involves the proper development of paragraphs and citing ideas from multiple scholarly sources about nursing and scientific theories. It should be detailed on the topic of your research.

6. Research Methodology

A research project requires a report on methods used to obtain data. The main methodologies used for research papers are quantitative and qualitative approaches. This section requires a report on the sampling techniques used.

7. Results and Discussions

This part of the paper is where we present the research project findings. We will suggest if the research topic is true or untrue when discussing the findings. It involves stating the facts and information from the literature review.

8. Conclusions and Recommendations

This section should be about a tenth of your research’s total word count. It provides a general recap of the research problem, methodology, and findings. We will relate the research’s result to the literature review and explore future suggestions for future researchers on a similar topic.

9. References

This is the last part of the nursing research paper; it has an A-Z format. We will countercheck that every reference used in the research is scholarly and include additional links if necessary.

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Amazon’s Supply Chain Management and Operational Management Approaches are Noteworthy Practices for its Competitiveness Research Paper

Amazon Inc. is a reputable American multinational corporation and the largest online-based store in the world in terms of revenues and market capitalization. The company specializes in e-commerce, digital streaming, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence. More essentially, Amazon is popular and successful in order fulfillment and online retailing. In 2021, Amazon surpassed Walmart, its close competitor, as the world’s largest online-based retailer corporation outside China.

Since 1994, the company has realized significant success in disrupting the global market due to its ability to leverage innovations and creativity. Largest, Amazon’s consistent performance relies massively on its operational and supply chain management approaches. 

How is Amazon different from other multinational corporations in terms of OM and SCM strategies?

Amazon’s OM and SCM strategies contribute massively to the company’s success by facilitating customer satisfaction and eliminating intermediaries. According to Kim, the company has invested massively in warehouse expansion to meet the ever-expanding demand for fast delivery and timely order fulfillment. The subsequent advancements in the supply chain management approach for Amazon trace their inspiration from the 2005 decision to launch the Amazon Prime Service (APS), which requires customers to pay an annual membership fee that allows them to receive guaranteed two-day shipping on products (LeBlanc).

Apart from the Amazon Prime Service (APS), the company has invested in in-house supply chain and operational management strategies. According to Bharadwaj (283), the company relies on extensive product sales forecasting and inventory management systems to fulfill customer orders quickly and accurately. This strategy contributes to Amazon’s success by ensuring complete control of operations and enabling operations based on competitive advantage.

How does Amazon utilize technological advances to transform operational management (OM) and supply chain management (SCM) approaches?

Undeniably, Amazon is the leading multinational corporation in terms of leveraging advanced technologies to improve operations and enhance supply chain management strategies. According to Bharadwaj (284), the company relies on inventory segmentation and order-sourcing decision frameworks to manage operations and fulfill customer orders. An inventory segmentation framework is a three-tier system that accommodates Amazon’s website and its IT systems that facilitate direct contact with customers. On the other hand, the order sourcing decision system entails a sourcing engine to determine which warehouse should ship the ordered products (Bharadwaj 284). Such systems enable the company to facilitate real-time and cost-effective order fulfillment activities.

Which other mechanisms does Amazon use to improve OM and SCM activities?

Amazon has plenty of other options to consider when managing operations and transforming supply chain management activities. According to Rodrigue (3), the company has various logistics facilities to support its e-commerce activities, including sortation centers, local freight stations, and e-fulfillment centers. These facilities cut across three levels of operation management, including procurement and fulfillment, distribution, and last mile.

Finally, Amazon operates a fleet of more than 20000 track trailers to expand ground transportation services to handle additional demand and operational requirements of its distribution system (Schoolov). Eventually, the incorporation of ground transportation services complements the company’s e-commerce platform, which can offer goods as a function of stochastic demand (Rodrigue 7). The corporation’s ability to use ground transportation and e-fulfillment centers has massively contributed to its success in terms of revenues and customer satisfaction.

Conclusion, Inc. is a multinational corporation popular for its advanced operation management and supply chain management (SCM) approaches. Since 1994, the company has realized significant success in entering new markets and claiming massively market shares in the US. Today, Amazon leverages ground transportation and e-commerce facilitates such as sortation centers, e-fulfillment hubs, and local freight stations to ensure timely and convenient order delivery mechanisms. Consequently, these factors enable the company to compete effectively and satisfy its ever-expanding customer base.

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Bharadwaj, Samrat. “The engineering behind a successful supply chain management strategy: an insight into Amazon. com.” International Journal of Scientific and Technology Research 8.10 2019: 281–286.

Kim, Eugene. “Amazon Doubled the Amount of Space It Owns in 2017.” CNBC, 2 Feb. 2018,

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