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Nursing Assignment Paper Writing

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Similar to any academic field, the field of nursing can be complex to undertake their assignment. As all students aim to get better grades for their course work, they can get overwhelmed on how to organize or present a topic of a set assignment that they had trouble understanding.

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In our platform, we designed the ordering process to be simple to ensure that our clients do not struggle at any step of the way. The following procedure summarizes your nursing assignment paper writing ordering procedure.

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On the main page of our website, there is a form named “Calculate the price of your paper.” In that form, there are four segments that you will have to fill namely:

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After filling out the form, you will be directed to a new page where you will have to fill in the title of your assignment and preferred order instructions. You can also upload any relevant document that will guide the writer to complete your assignment per your instructions.

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All nursing students seeking assistance for their nursing assignments want to work with the best platform that offers the best nursing solutions. There is always the need to secure higher grades but getting those grades and submitting low-quality assignments is not easy. Many students make simple grammatical errors, resulting in lost marks for their coursework.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Nursing Assignment Paper Writing

1.    Can you write my nursing assignment fast?

When you immediately realize that time is running out for submitting your nursing assignment and you cannot do it on your own on the remaining timeline, you need a reliable platform to help you. At Nursing Essay Slayers, we have been in a similar situation before, and our dedicated team will ensure that you can receive your assignment fast.

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Many students have become our loyal clients due to their experience working with us. One of the major principles of our service is privacy. We ensure that any data you submit to us is not shared with any third party, and the writer working on your assignment only knows the necessary information about the order handed to them. Your information will always remain confidential. If you require detailed information or an explanation of our privacy policy, feel free to contact our customer service support, which is available 24/7.

Example Nursing Assignment Paper

NUR 513 Topic 5 Worldview and Nursing Process Personal Statement Nursing Assignment

Nursing theories and worldviews play a significant role in the growth and enhancement of caring qualities, which should be emphasized through nursing professional careers. Every individual has a worldview—a collection of beliefs that shapes how they perceive crucial situations in life. According to Taves (2020), worldviews are not the same as global religions, but they serve as the foundation for all religions. They shape our perceptions of our life’s physical, emotional, and spiritual components.

They comprise our belief structure on the concept of God, people, and reality, as well as what is wrong with the world and where we might find solutions to our problems. Consequently, this paper examines the extent to which one’s worldview significantly impacts their perception of spirituality and health care and the application of my worldview to Watson’s theory of human caring.

Personal Worldview

My worldview is a philosophical, cognitive perspective that guides not just the universe but also my humanity’s relationship to it. My worldview is founded on biblical dogma as well as scientific ideologies and metaphysical concepts. Moreover, my worldviews are intricately linked to my principles, feelings, encounters, and postulates (Taves, 2020). My worldview also acknowledges that my patients, both believers, and nonbelievers, have distinct spiritual needs. Everyone, including myself, is prone to skepticism, especially during a period of spiritual turmoil caused by a sickness crisis. Nonbelievers in my practice are more prone to seek spiritual explanations to fill the psychological and spiritual voids in their nontheistic or atheistic worldviews.

Theory of Human Caring

According to Alharbi and Baker (2020), the Theory of Caring by Watson is based on the premise that people cannot be managed as objects and that humanity cannot be disconnected from self, others, surroundings, and the world at large. Watson’s approach spans the whole nursing practice, with a focus on the interpersonal interaction between nurse and patient. The idea emphasizes the importance of caring and caring-to-caring humanistic connections and their therapeutic significance for both the patient and the nurse.

Nursing entails accepting Jean Watson’s Caring Science hypothesis. My philosophy of practice is uniquely equipped to be the center of healing, according to the theory of human caring concept that the purpose of a nurse is to place her patients in the greatest position to self-heal (Watson & Woodward, 2020). In line with the notion of caring, I increase my patient’s ability to heal from within by personally partaking in caring via authentic presence and commitment. Moreover, Watson emphasizes the importance of caring for oneself to care for others; self-healing is necessary for rejuvenating our energy reserves and replenishing our spiritual bank.

The nursing theory of care reinforces my approach to care through the ten fundamental principles of love-centered compassion which symbolize the core of caring. Watson’s carative variables are nurse-patient relationships and approaches used to enhance the caring experience (Watson & Woodward, 2020). In a study by Alharbi and Baker (2020), carative factors integrated into the Watson’s theory are: nurturing the discipline of loving-kindness and composure toward self and others; being genuinely present; facilitating, maintaining, and respecting the faith, hope, and the profound belief system; nurturing one’s spiritual traditions and humanistic self; building and supporting a helping-trusting, caring partnership; and finally being available and supportive to the patients.

Example Of A Past Experience Concerning My Worldview

The Nursing Process and Worldview Personal Statement experience occurred as a first-year university student. I came across a patient with stage 2 colon cancer and significant liver cirrhosis. I tried to explain that his illness was still in its early stages and that he needed treatment as well as a reduction in alcohol use. I reassured him that he could still lead a regular life despite undergoing cancer treatment. He kept referring to God and asking why God was doing this to him despite his efforts and donations to humanitarian organizations.

He went on to say that he had adopted two orphans and fostered a total of six children and that with all of his good works, God should not be punishing him with chronic illness. Because he refused treatment, I asked him if he wanted a visit from a priest, his dogs, and his children, and he accepted. He decided to undergo chemotherapy after the clergyman and his children persuaded him not to give up hope. Three years later, I ran into him, who was still alive and well. He now tells me that he would have died if I hadn’t attended to his spiritual, religious, and cultural needs on that initial visit.

In the book, Jean Watson’s theory of human caring, Watson and Woodward (2020) explain the theoretical application of patient contentment as one of the known objective indicators of medical system performance and effectiveness and my nursing activities. Satisfaction is linked to patient safety because it impacts future healthcare usage and the amount of adherence or compliance with recommended treatments, regimens, and recommendations (Watson & Woodward, 2020).

My Worldview Concerning Watson’s Theory Of Human Care

Watson’s theory, in conjunction with my worldview in nursing practice, will assist me in developing my future practices by responding to and becoming attentive to each of my patient experiences – spiritual, cultural, and religious (Wei & Watson, 2019). Through caring science, I will convey compassionate and loving recognition that I can be an outstanding nurse and a genuine accomplice in my patients’ health. It is also important for me to genuinely check my patient’s desires, fears, and feelings and circuit these feelings into their supportive nursing care plans.


Alharbi, N., & Baker, G. (2020). Jean Watson’s middle range theory of human caring: a critique. International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Scientific Research, 3(1), 1–14.

Taves, A. (2020). From religious studies to worldview studies. Religion, 50(1), 137–147.

Watson, J., & & Woodward, T. (2020). Jean Watson’s theory of human caring. SAGE Publications Limited. Academia.Edu.

Wei, H., & Watson, J. (2019). Healthcare interprofessional team members’ perspectives on human caring: A directed content analysis study. International Journal of Nursing Sciences, 6(1), 17–23.