FP6103 Professional Development Plan Paper

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Professional Development Plan

FP6103 Professional Development Plan Paper

Introduction to FP6103 Professional Development Plan Paper

Nurse Educators are very important in healthcare. They teach upcoming nurses updated information and effective patient care. Nurse educators act as change agents and are lifelong learners. Nurse educators are constantly seeking new evidence-based practices to ensure their students receive the best education possible. This professional development plan will outline my goals as a master’s prepared nurse educator, influences, scholarship plan, leadership role, and development plan.

Area of Focus

Nurse Educators cover different areas in practice. My specific area of focus is the academic setting. I want to be a nursing instructor as well as a clinical instructor. I would love to work for Coastal Alabama Community College where I attended undergraduate nursing school. The National League for Nursing (2021) stated some competencies that I will need to possess.

They are as follows: facilitate learning, participate in curriculum design, evaluation of program outcomes, function as a change agent and leader, engage in scholarship, and function within the educational environment. All these competencies are obtainable. I believe I will succeed in reaching each.

Professional Goals

I have many goals that I plan to achieve in my career. The three most important goals that I have in mind will be discussed. First, I strive to positively impact new graduate nurses and promote staff education by accepting a position as an academic instructor at the associate degree nursing level. Next, I plan to join the Professional Nurse Educators Group and attend conferences. I plan to use resources offered by this group to self-educate. I also plan to network with members to further my knowledge. I believe the more scholastic conversations you have with various individuals, the more knowledge you will obtain. Finally, I plan to study and take the exam to certify as a nurse educator. By doing this, I will be advancing towards obtaining more expertise in my career.

These goals coincide with my nurse philosophy, which entails my aspiration to continuously learn, because I aspire to be a lifelong learner. By joining the PNEG, I will further my knowledge and coordinate with my goals and philosophy. Joining this group coordinates with my goals and philosophy because it is one way of continuing my learning. Joining the group will also lead to additional scholarly resources to aid in my knowledge. Certifying as a nurse educator will also show my passion to learn and advance my career. Ambition, to me, shows that I aspire to be the best nurse educator I possibly can be.


There are many things that could possibly influence my nurse educator career. Two main things that I see that may be an influence in my career and how I educate are the pandemic of COVID-19 and e-learning that has surfaced because of the pandemic. I will need to learn and adapt to online learning and evaluating. This may be difficult at first due to being educated on live academic setting education. I will require to research proven successful ways of teaching and evaluating online to make sure my students are getting the best education possible. I will do so by using databases such as EBSCOhost’s CINAHL Complete as well as ProQuest’s Health and Medical Collection. Both databases contain articles from many evidence-based practices and journal entries from many experts in the nursing and healthcare field. FP6103 Professional Development Plan Paper


Scholarship is a very important aspect of my career. I plan to divide scholarship into four types stated as follows: discovery, application, integration, and teaching. This will line up with The Boyer Model. Limoges et al. (2015) defined discovery as new knowledge or validation of old knowledge; teaching as creative materials or advances of knowledge of how students learn; integration as making connections across different disciplines to integrate knowledge and make new understandings; application as the act of applying knowledge that will benefit the larger population. The Boyer model will help me get the full benefit and concept of scholarship by integrating different topics.

Scholarship helps nurses and other healthcare workers by using evidence-based practice and decision-making to make positive contributions to patient care (Limoges et al., 2015).

Limoges et al. (2015) also stated that scholarship of application is necessary to set forth value and contribution that nurses make to patient outcomes. This is important because nurses contribute a large amount to the health and improvement of patients by the level of care they provide. Overall, scholarship aids in the development of more prepared and educated nurses and healthcare workers. FP6103 Professional Development Plan Paper

Leadership Role

My top leadership role that I would love to achieve would be a director of nursing position in an academic program of nursing. I set out to achieve this by first teaching nursing students at the base level. I will attend leadership seminars and webinars. One main seminar I plan to attend is hosted by the American Nurses Association. This seminar is scholarly and helpful to my leadership career. I will study and research current and most effective leadership styles. I will also make connections amongst professional groups and coworkers that will help me to have a scholarly surrounding environment.

While being a peer nursing instructor, I will volunteer to hold leader positions amongst the other instructors. I will encourage constructive criticism as well. I will hold meetings, discuss different options for students’ education, troubleshoot and problem solve to help with their classroom issues, and propose different options for student evaluations such as progress meetings. I will give the suggestion that we associate ourselves with professional organizations as well as educational organizations to further the knowledge of the instructors as well as the students. I will encourage all instructors to continue to learn and advance their knowledge with current evidence-based practices that are proven to be a positive impact on patient care.

Development Plan

I will study and certify as a nurse educator with the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education. I will continue to take all opportunities to advance my knowledge and career as a nurse educator. I will commit my career to be a lifelong learner. I will join professional development groups like the Professional Nurse Educators Group and actively participate. I will hold lectures and seminars and attend all seminars that are relevant to my career. In doing so, I will be constantly advancing my knowledge and satisfying my spirit of inquiry. FP6103 Professional Development Plan Paper


Continuing to learn and advance my knowledge is very important to me. I think that by scholarship and evidence-based practice, I will be able to constantly learn new practices that are effective and relay these to future nurses. As I move forward in my career, I will hold myself responsible for meeting my goals and advancing in my profession. This professional development plan will help to keep my focus and outline my journey.

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