H.R. 7910 – Protecting Our Kids Act

“H. R.7910 – The Protecting Kid Act” is a federal bill that focuses on making changes to the federal firearms law and empowers the prosecutors to hold those responsible for the circulation of firearms to the hands of criminals. The bill seeks to raise the age limit for a person to be eligible to purchase a gun as well as put a limit on the number of ammunition (Cohen, 2022).

H.R. 7910 - Protecting Our Kids Act

This will guarantee that kids will not be exposed to weapons of war at an early age and will also ensure to regulate the number of crimes in the country. The bill comes just a few days after the mass shooting at a Texas elementary school that left at least two adults and 19 children dead. This was considered one of the deadliest school shootings since 2012, when a gunman shot and killed up to 26 people as young as six years at Sandy Hook elementary school in Newtown (Livingston et al., 2019).

Patrol police killed the gunman during a confrontation with the police. The bill seeks to increase the age limit on the purchase of firearms and prevent gun trafficking. In the school incident, the gunman was only 18 years, which is the major contributing factor to adjusting the age limit to at least 21 years before one can be authorized to own or have a gun.

The bill proposes increasing the age limit to 21 years and maintaining exceptions to certain firearms to guarantee safety. Additionally, they regulate the storage and use of the firm arms to guarantee that the ammunition does not fall into the wrong hands.

Background of the Bill

The bill prohibits the federal firearms licensee from selling or delivering certain to persons under 21. In that provision, the proposers of the bill propose that the federal bureau of investigation investigate public access lines to understand the dynamics by which your people gain access to firm arms (Livingston et al., 2019).

The bill also seeks to prevent the trafficking of guns by minimizing access to people under the recommended age. Therefore it minimizes the risks of firearms getting into the wrong hands or people intending to do unlawful actions. It also proposes penalties for anyone violating the law to guarantee that citizens adhere to the guidelines.

This bill also proposes that all firearms in the United States be traceable and use modernization of the prohibition on undetectable firearms. With the modernization of firearms, the bill will ensure that the authorities have access to all firearms in circulation within the country.

The other provisions of the bill include a section on safe storage. The bill reflects on Ethan’s Law, which highlights sensible gun safety laws. Ethan’s law presents credible information on gun safety to ensure the families, communities, and the country (Paukner, 2022). Gun safety minimizes possible risks and accidents and ensures that the gun is secure and does not get into the wrong hands.

This will ensure that the cases of premature gunshot deaths will significantly reduce, and cases of crime will also decrease (Moore et al., 2020). Proper and secure gun storage ensures that the family of a gun owner is safe and there are no possibilities of the firearm getting to the hands of a minor.

Key Supporters of the Bill

The bill’s key supporters include the Administration under the leadership of the President and the entire house of congress. The initial proposers of the bill were Jerrold Nadler, the Representative for New York’s 10th congressional district. The bill was first introduced to the 117th congress (2021-2023) on May 31st, 2022 and was passed by June 8th, 2022. Now it is before the house of the Senate.

Key Stakeholders Position

The critical stakeholder’s position is to ensure that the bill passes and is implemented soonest possible. The rate by which children are exposed to firearms and other instruments of war is depriving, and it keeps more children in danger (Paukner, 2022). Minimizing the number of illegally acquired guns protects the children and ensures that the entire country is safe, and the causes of crime will significantly decrease.

How the Bill Would Impact a Nurse’s Ability to Provide Safe and Quality Care

Based on the previous shootings, the nurses working in schools are at high risk if shooters can front guns freely. The passing or failure of this bill will impact how nurses provide services to their patients as first respondents. The nurse’s perception of a situation will significantly change based on the direction the bill will take.

Working with patients who were victims of the incident is also a challenging task for the nurse as they are expected to give hope and assurance that it will be okay. Moore et al. (2020) posit that suppose the bill fails to pass, it will be difficult for the nurse to assure the victims that it will be okay when they know nothing has been done to resolve the issue or prevent it from happening again in future.

Specific Actions That Nurses Can Take to Assist With the Passage or Defeat of the Legislation

Provide education on specific mental health issues affecting the young population. Highlight essential aspects that resonate with the people and speak directly to issues that may result in minor shootings (Moore et al., 2020). In the recent event, it was alleged that the gunman was doing so out of frustrations of being left by a girl he liked. Therefore, nurses can develop programs that will provide therapy sessions to minors who are feeling depressed and rejected to prevent them from allowing events or opinion of others towards them to define their path in the future.

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