Informatics Solution Proposal Areas of Evaluation Assignment

Informatics Solution Proposal Areas of Evaluation Assignment

The effective management of Patients’ health records is a pivotal factor in healthcare that impact on quality care and patient outcomes. Healthcare records offer healthcare givers the most reliable source of data to complete multiple functions and purposes related to treatment of patients. There are numerous professionals in a hospital setting that require to use a patient’s medical record daily.

Informatics Solution Proposal Areas of Evaluation Assignment

Paper-based patient record is cumbersome and time-consuming as professionals sift through vast paperwork to get information. With the failure of paper-based patient records, several Electronic Health Record (HER) systems have emerged as the best and efficient replacement. This paper looks at Cerner and Epic as the biggest providers of EHR technology in America. EHR leads to improved patient safety, quality care, and better patient outcomes. Informatics Solution Proposal Areas of Evaluation Assignment

  1. Epic

Epic is an EHR software technology manufactured by Epic systems Cooperation headquartered in Wisconsin, USA. The technology is a cloud-based Electronic Health Record-EHR solution that caters to numerous specialties. The technology is used across a broad spectrum of practices from independent physician practices, community hospitals, and even to assisted family living (Epic Systems Cooperation, 2021 Informatics Solution Proposal: Areas of Evaluation Assignment). The technology puts emphasis on patient engagement by enhancing remote care.

Effect of Epic on Patients

Informatics Solution Proposal Areas of Evaluation AssignmentOne of the biggest advantages of Epic is allowing customers more flexibility in managing their health. On this factor, Epic has an array of telehealth options that support enhanced features such as video visits, real-time monitoring, and post-surgical follow-up features (Mosier, Roberts & Englebright, 2019). All these features are geared towards improving the quality of health provided to patients as well as enhancing patient outcomes. Informatics Solution Proposal Areas of Evaluation Assignment

Effect of Epic on Staff

The biggest advantage healthcare staff derive from Epic is its interoperability and ease of integration. All authorized EHR users on Epic can share patient information on Epic platform leading to improved care for patients (Ng, Alexander & Frith, 2018). Besides, Epic has features that can eliminate some medical errors related to prescription, diagnosis, and medication.

Epic and clinical or administrative issue

Epic EHR offers healthcare providers with a way to leverage patient data sourced from its database through the use of an effective practice management system-PMS. The PMS tools in Epic allow managers to extract clinical data and use the information to make informed decisions. Administrative process in healthcare does not exist in isolation from clinical operations (Epic, 2021 Informatics Solution Proposal Areas of Evaluation Assignment). Managers can use information tapped from Epic to improve treatment plans, improve the flow and scheduling of patients, as well as improving the billing process and other administrative functions.


Epic is clear and simple to use. Clarity means that patients do not have any difficulty using and operating Epic technology. Tools such as the Clinical Decision Support (CDS) is one of the critical components that in Epic. This tool provides nurses with the knowledge and patient-specific information that help them to make proper decisions regarding patients’ care. Concerning information, data, patient information, and research forms some of the critical areas to acquire information that can be used to provide adequate solutions to patents’ problems. Informatics Solution Proposal Areas of Evaluation Assignment

  1. Cerner

Cerner is a manufacture of EHR technology and information technology software. The company has its headquarters in North Kansas City, Missouri. The company began their journey of engaging in healthcare technology 40 years ago by creating healthcare and information technology to connect people and systems around the world. Some of the areas that Cerner has specialized in with regards to healthcare is virtual health and patient engagement.

Concerning virtual health, Cerner is one of the leading tech companies that provide top-notch tools and apps used for the delivery of virtual healthcare. Cerner has a firm grip on telemedicine, telehealth, and virtual healthcare with the view of delivery quality care across the wide continuum of healthcare. Informatics Solution Proposal Areas of Evaluation Assignment

Cerner and clinical or administrative issue

Cerner has numerous practice management software that allows care providers to effectively handle their administrative and operational issues. Good examples of Cerner’s practice management software for care givers include; Cerner Specialty Practice Management

Cerner’s Effect on Patients

Cerner is a leader in manufacturing Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software. For example, the CareTracker by Cerner is one of the best EHR software ideal for assisted living families, special care units, and retirement communities. Other EHR tools\apps by Cerner include the Cerner Millennium-ideal for providers with multiple specialties, and Cerner PowerChart Ambulatory EHR, ideal for physician practices of all sizes (Cerner Cooperation, 2021). All these EHR applications have distinct advantages to patients as far as patient records are concerned. Their efficacy and effectiveness improve patient outcomes and quality of care.

Effect on Staff

Cerner’s EHR technology are geared to make work easier for caregivers. Some of the critical advantages that Cerner’s EHR technology confers on healthcare staff is effective communication with patients, inter-professional collaboration, convenience, and reduction in medical errors. Informatics Solution Proposal Areas of Evaluation Assignment


The most critical impact of Cerner concerning functionality is efficiency. Cerner is efficient and reliable-a factor which saves time for both patients and healthcare providers. Besides, Cerner helps to reduce medical errors because it is accurate and efficient

Informatics Solution Proposal: Areas of Evaluation Assignment References

Informatics Solution Proposal Areas of Evaluation Assignment Instructions

Assignment Content

In this week’s assignment, you will evaluate two products you believe may resolve your selected issue. The purpose of your evaluation is to find the product that would be the best fit for your health care workplace and would best resolve the existing issue. NOTE: Problem Identified: Using Paper Charts for All Patient Records. I will attach the Issue Identification Letter.

Select two products currently available in the market from the category you identified. NOTE: The category identified is EHRs (Electronic Health Record) and the two specific EHR products to compare would be Cerner and Epic.

Note: You may use the product websites for information to support your assignment.

Include the following in your assignment:
Explain the following related to each product:
How would each product mitigate the clinical or administrative issue?
How will each product affect patients, staff, and the organization?
Determine a minimum of five criteria with which to evaluate the functionality of the two products and describe these criteria and give a rationale for selecting them. Consider:

ease of use
time element

Note: References may include product websites or other reputable sources in addition to peer-reviewed resources. Faculty approval is required for sources other than peer-reviewed resources.