NUM1205 Assessment 2 Recorded Presentation

NUM1205 Assessment 2 Recorded Presentation

Assessment 2 Recorded Presentation

Assessment Description Recorded Presentation
Value 40%
Team or Individual Individual assessment
Format Panopto Video Presentation (10 minutes)
Due Date and time Due Week 9 Friday 24th September 2021 09:00 AM
How to Submit Electronically via Blackboard > Assessment 2 folder
Learning Outcomes 2 – 5
Professional Competencies NMBA Standards 1,3,4,5,6,7
Marking Criteria Please refer to Blackboard > Assessment items > Assessment 2 MarkingGuidelines/Rubric
Feedback Feedback will be available via Turnitin and marks via Blackboard > My Grades.

NUM1205 Assessment 2 Recorded Presentation

Clinical Scenario

You are required to read the following scenario:

NUM1205 Assessment 2 Recorded Presentation

Louise, a 46 year old female, attended the rural accident and emergency department with her partner and complaining of upper abdominal pain. Louise was initially triaged by the registered nurse (RN), having her vital signs and a pain score completed. Her vital signs were recorded within normal parameters and her pain score was six out of ten. Louise also complained of nausea and abdominal bloating and told the nurse that she had been taking Mylanta for indigestion. NUM1205 Assessment 2 Recorded Presentation

Additionally, she had a urine sample tested and this had no abnormalities. Due to a motorcycle road traffic accident, it was a busy evening in the rural emergency department. The driver of the motorcycle had obtained significant leg and chest injuries; hence Louise was kept waiting. She was aware of the accident and did not want to bother anyone as they appeared to be short of staff and very busy. NUM1205 Assessment 2 Recorded Presentation

Despite the department being busy, the RN did manage to intermittently assess Louise, however, she was increasingly nauseated and vomited dark ‘coffee ground’ fluid approximately two hours after her admission. When the RN checked her observations, her heart rate (HR) was rising and her blood pressure (BP) was falling, therefore, she notified the medical officer (MO). Intravenous fluids were commenced, a full blood count performed as was a group and hold (blood matched and prepared in case it is required for transfusion). Louise was prescribed and received Pethidine 100mg for her pain and Maxolon 10mg for her nausea. NUM1205 Assessment 2 Recorded Presentation

Drowsy from the pain relief, Louise vomited again and her vital signs continued to be monitored. She was prepared for theatre following consent for an emergency endoscopy. During the procedure, the anaesthetist encountered difficulty maintaining her oxygen saturation levels and she was transferred post endoscopy to the high dependency unit. The anaesthetist perceived that Louise had aspirated whilst vomiting in the ward, prior to the procedure. NUM1205 Assessment 2 Recorded Presentation

Content for NUM1205 Assessment 2 Recorded Presentation


The overall aim of this presentation is to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the unit content

  • Possible ethical dilemmas associated with the clinical scenario
  • Utilitarianism and Deontology
  • Beneficence, Non Maleficence, Autonomy, Justice (distributive justice)
  • Capacity/ legal capacity and competence
  • Consent/ the elements of informed consent
  • Veracity (truth telling)
  • Fidelity
  • The Tort of Negligence/ Components of Negligence/Acts and Omissions
  • Duty of Care/ Scope of Practice

Your task is to develop a professional, recorded presentation with which to educate your peers in the clinical environment. To do this you will create a synthesis using the relevant unit content (the legal and ethical concepts specified above), linking it to the relevant and specific areas of the clinical scenario and the relevant nursing legislation. NUM1205 Assessment 2 Recorded Presentation

e.g. The Registered Nurses’ professional codes and standards). Ultimately, this will demonstrate your knowledge of the relationship between the unit content, the clinical environment and professional legislation. A synthesis means the combination of components, or elements, to form a connected whole: combine the information within your presentation, categorising the concepts and presenting them as themes rather than presenting concepts one by one, and demonstrating relationships, similarities or conflicts as the case may be. NUM1205 Assessment 2 Recorded Presentation

For example, we have discussed the two main ethical theories of Utilitarianism and Deontology. You may decide to discuss them together linking the relevant aspects of the clinical scenario as the basis for the discussion but ensuring that you demonstrate your knowledge of those concepts. DO NOT DEMONSTRATE YOUR KNOWLEDGE OF CLINICAL EXPERTISE: THIS IS ABOUT LAW AND ETHICS. You will also need to link how this relates to the relevant aspect of nursing legislation e.g. the RN Standards for Practice or the ICN Code of Ethics for Nurses. In doing this you will provide an analysis: a detailed examination suitable to inform your peers in the clinical environment. NUM1205 Assessment 2 Recorded Presentation

Consider that the audience have read the scenario already or even have a copy in front of them. Do not waste valuable time repeating the clinical scenario in isolation from the other information required or as an introduction.

However, remember that when you introduce a concept/topic/theme consider that your audience knows nothing. Do not assume they know what you mean and so, consider how you will define/explain this information so that they understand (hint hint    use the relevant part of the clinical scenario, along with your definition/explanation taken from the evidence, to help explain). The marker needs to know that you know and that you can explain it to a fellow peer! Also, you may find it useful to use the Model for Ethical Decision Making to aid your planning. NUM1205 Assessment 2 Recorded Presentation

You will be assessed on the quality of the application of theory (unit content) to practice and the quality and depth of the analysis presented. You will also be assessed on your ability to support your discussion with evidence from appropriate literature, including the quality and relevance of that literature. There is a minimum of 10 references required, although you should read widely and incorporate that reading into your presentation. The more you read, the more evidence you will find to weave into your analysis and support your ethical and legal claims. NUM1205 Assessment 2 Recorded Presentation

References for this presentation should be within 5 years of publication only, other than when referring to the latest version of legal and professional documents, which may be older than 5 years e.g. The ICN Code of Ethics or Nurses, 2012 (This is the latest version and still in use). References should be from a valid source (peer reviewed journals, government organisations, and professional online websites and resources e.g. Department of Health, Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia etc.). All must be relevant to Australia. References should support the ethical and legal/professional information as opposed to clinical information. NUM1205 Assessment 2 Recorded Presentation

Please see the Assessment 2: Recorded Presentation Student Support Resource, ‘PART 1 PUTTING YOUR ASSESSMENT TOGETHER’ guide in the ‘Assessment Items’ tab on the left side of Bb > ‘Assessment 2 Power point presentation’ folder. NUM1205 Assessment 2 Recorded Presentation


The basis of the presentation must be a power point ( see resources in assessment 2 folder on how to develop an engaging power point presentation) recorded in Panopto and using the audio and video in order that you can be both heard and seen presenting, in addition to seeing the power point. DO NOT record directly onto the Powerpoint as this will cause the file to become too large and create difficulty when you attempt to upload into Panopto. Please adhere to the explicit instructions as detailed in the ‘RECORDING AND UPLOADING YOUR PRESENTATION’. Please wear your uniform as per the SNM uniform guidelines, to maximise your professional appearance, when recording this presentation and ensure you speak clearly to maximise understanding. NUM1205 Assessment 2 Recorded Presentation

The presentation will be named using your family name followed by your first given name and then your student number e.g. Baker Melanie 12345678 and will be no longer than 10 minutes. If it is shorter than 10 minutes, then it is unlikely that you have covered all aspects of the assignment. If it is longer than ten minutes, then marking will stop at exactly 10 minutes and 30 seconds from the commencement of recording. Any information beyond this will not be included in the marking.

The first slide of your power point must show a screenshot of your ECU student ID card or alternative picture ID as you introduce yourself. This can then be checked against the recording of you presenting.

The presentation must include a title page, an introduction, a body and a conclusion/summary/closing statement. NUM1205 Assessment 2 Recorded Presentation

The presentation will be marked using the Assessment 2 marking rubric, which you will find in the Assessment 2 folder on the unit Blackboard site. Please read each criterion carefully and reflect the positive criteria in your presentation. Please consider both the rubric and the assignment brief carefully as you construct your presentation.

You will also be assessed on your ability to follow the assignment brief instructions (please see instructions for recording and uploading your presentation below) and the quality of your presentation and ability to engage your audience, since the ability to engage and maintain the engagement of others e.g. patients, peers etc. is an important component of health education in all areas of expertise. NUM1205 Assessment 2 Recorded Presentation

You will be assessed for ELP within this assignment, although NUM1205 is not a prescribed unit for ELP. As such ELP will be assessed as part of the ‘Presentation’ component of the rubric. Ensure that you pay close attention to the construction of sentences when used (you may use sentences, dot points, images etc. on your power point slides) and ensure spelling, grammar and syntax are correct where relevant. Poor ELP will detract from the content of the presentation if you are unable to articulate the true meaning that you are trying to convey, and this may lose valuable marks.

Please see the Assessment 2: Recorded Presentation Student Support Resource, ‘PART 2 PREPARING AND UPLOADING (SUBMITTING) YOUR PRESENTATION’ guide in the ‘Assessment Items’ tab on the left side of Bb > ‘Assessment 2 Power point presentation’ folder.

Referencing for NUM1205 Assessment 2 Recorded Presentation

You must reference throughout the presentation (in text) and also provide an end text or end of presentation reference list. You must comply with the ECU APA 7th Referencing Guide to ensure all in-text and end-text references are correct. However, to accommodate the presentation style, the size of the text used for references can deviate from APA7th to be accommodated in the power point slides.

N.B. often references in power point presentations are smaller than other text and may be presented individually at the end of the specific sentence/wording or may be grouped together at the bottom of the relevant slide.

Please see the ILAs/lectures for examples. You do not need to verbalise the end text references, rather, introduce them but ensure the text size is large enough to read (approximately 5 references per slide, as a guide) and show each slide for a minimum of 3 to 5 seconds to allow time for the person marking it to pause the recording to read them. If you are unsure about referencing, see the Learning Consultant early in the semester. NUM1205 Assessment 2 Recorded Presentation

General instructions for the assignment:

Please note your submission date, as detailed in your unit plan. You are strongly advised not to leave your submissions until the last day, rather you work on your assessments as you complete the tutorials, enabling you to focus on your studies whilst working around any practicum or personal commitments or other units. You can edit and submit your presentation in Panopto as many times as you wish. Submissions beyond the due date and time will have late penalties applied unless you have secured an extension due to extenuating circumstances. If you submit your presentation late, without an approved extension, then 5% will be deducted for each day the assignment is late for up to seven days (including weekends) after the due date, at which point a mark of zero will be assigned. NUM1205 Assessment 2 Recorded Presentation

If a student wishes to apply for an extension, they are required to do so prior to close of business on the due date. Instructions for applying for an extension can be found on Bb in the Assessment Items tab on Bb > ‘Assessment 2 Power point Presentation’ folder > Assessment Extension Requests.