NUR590 Topic 7 Discussions Dissemination of EBP Proposal

NURS 590 Topic 7 DQ1 – Dissemination of EBP Proposal

Dissemination of an evidence-based practice proposal targets circulation of knowledge to various stakeholders and the organization aimed at acquiring support towards the project. The major objective of disseminating the EBP proposal is to convince stakeholders why the project is feasible and should be supported in terms of fundings. Both external and internal methods of dissemination are applicable.

NUR590 Topic 7 Discussions Dissemination of EBP Proposal

Effective dissemination of a project requires various considerations including choice of the correct audience, clear communication regarding the objectives, scope, required resources, target population, and anticipated outcomes of the project. In general, dissemination aims at engaging the audience to enhance understanding, awareness, and gather support through motivation to engage in the project (Bulage et al., 2021 NUR590 Topic 7 Discussions Dissemination of EBP Proposal). Furthermore, extensive knowledge about the project is required to effectively disseminate information that will convince others to support the project. However, various audience needs determine the method or strategy of information dissemination.

I would prefer face-to-face communication while conducting internal communication with stakeholders and the institution board. These stakeholders include nurses, physicians, nurse managers, hospital administration, and pharmacists among others. Face-to-face communication encourages instant feedback while encouraging interaction and enhancing clarification of various issues. However, I would also use online webinars to disseminate information to unreachable members. Consequently, communications ensure that all stakeholders are equally engaged while incorporating their inputs in refining the project.

For external communication in professional conferences such as the American Nurses Association Conference, I would prefer face-to-face. This modality allows for exclusive consultations with nursing professionals who will add their input and give more guidelines towards improving an EBP (Bulage et al., 2021 NUR590 Topic 7 Discussions Dissemination of EBP Proposal). Comparatively, less formal communication may be used while communicating to hospital colleagues, unlike the professionals who will prefer formal communication. Finally, upon dissemination of the proposal both internally and externally allows for constructive criticism that helps in project improvement before implementation.


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NUR590 Topic 7 Discussions Dissemination of EBP Proposal – Topic 7 DQ2 – Dissemination of EBP Outcomes

Evidence-based practice findings are disseminated by targeting information and treatments to a specific public health or clinical practice audience. The primary goal of dissemination is to increase and encourage the transmission of knowledge about evidence-based interventions to improve their use and patient outcomes. Disseminating evidence-based projects can be done in a variety of ways, both inside and outside. The strategy used, however, must be effective.

I would use the hospital board as an internal mechanism of disseminating evidence-based practice. Employees of the health organization, such as nurses, physicians, and other professionals are part of the stakeholders involved in patient care, make up the majority of the hospital board of directors. Face-to-face communication is the most effective technique for spreading the EBP to the hospital board. During questioning sessions, the technique allows for more involvement and immediate feedback (Derman & Jaeger, 2018). The information would be presented in form of charts, tables, and pie charts for ease of understanding. In addition, online platforms such as webinars, emails, and WhatsApp could act as additional platforms for information dissemination.

Presentation at professional organization conferences, notably the American Nurses Association, is an external strategy that I would use. The professional association would be an excellent vehicle for disseminating the project to a large number of nurses. Face-to-face consultation and conversation with other nursing experts is the strategy I would employ in the conference.

I must present my evidence-based outcomes to the two groups to foster knowledge and information exchange across the nursing community. This would improve the ability of group members involved in nursing practice to make informed decisions and improve patient outcomes (Derman & Jaeger, 2018). Furthermore, presenting the findings to the groups would allow for a constructive critique of the results, allowing for improvements to be used in future patient care.


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NUR590 Topic 7 Discussions Dissemination of EBP Proposal INSTRUCTIONS

T7 DQ1:
Propose strategies for disseminating your evidence-based practice project proposal. Consider the necessary stakeholders who need to review or approve the proposal (both internal and external) and what methods you will use to communicate.

T7 DQ2:
After implementation, dissemination of the evidence-based practice outcomes is essential for evaluating the success of the project for ensuring sustainability. Propose strategies that you could use for disseminating the outcomes of your evidence-based practice project proposal. Consider what information would need to be communicated, which stakeholders would need to be involved and the communication methods that would be needed.

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