NURS 3151 Pet Peeves Quality Analysis Paper

NURS 3151 Pet Peeves Quality Analysis Paper

Week 5: Qualitative Analysis Assignment

Code Sheet: Student Pet Peeve Data

 001 10 15 11
 002 03 09
 003 03
 004 07
 005 20 21
 006 01 11 03
 007 10 05 06
 008 11 98 or 05
009 21 17
15 02


After you complete the code sheet, summarize the major themes or most common pet peeves described by the ten students in their previous courses:

NURS 3151 Pet Peeves Quality Analysis Paper

The most common pet peeve themes are # 11 teachers talking down to students, and lack of respect of students as equal adult. Other pet peeves are # 03 unrealistic expectations of students too many reading assignments, and too many difficult assignments. # 10 Teachers are not letting students express their own opinions. #14 Teachers are opinionated, and arrogant.

Teachers believe their approach is the only way. This seems like a dictatorship. #15 Unfair grading practices. Oppression of ideas, or opinions. Teacher behavior is unacceptable and does not meet a collegial environment.

Lastly, students feel they are receiving unfair, and unrealistic expectations for course requirements. Students also feel like they have no voice and cannot express their concerns. Learning should have a collegial opportunity, with open dialogues without any repercussions. This is not suitable for learning, and expressing creativity when students are living in fear.

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