Personal Philosophy of Nursing Example Paper

Personal Philosophy of Nursing Example Paper

It is critical for nurses to have a philosophy of nursing that captures their intrinsic values, goals, and beliefs. A philosophy of nursing helps nurses to define what is important for them personally and professionally. The nursing environment today is demanding and pushes nurses to question what drew them to the profession. This questioning leads nurses to develop nursing philosophies to guide them through their practice (McCutcheon, 2017 Personal Philosophy of Nursing Example Paper). Besides, personal nursing philosophy helps nurses to evaluate how their values and beliefs affect their nursing practice.

Personal Philosophy of Nursing Example Paper

The nursing theories I have learnt to include mid-range nursing theory, grand nursing theory, nursing practice theory, among others. Nursing practice theories are limited in scope and can only be used in specific nursing situations. Grand nursing theories are broad in scope because they use generalized proposals to tackle nursing situations. Mid-range nursing theories are a bridge between the other two theories. Unlike Grand and nursing practice theories, mid-range theories can be verified through testing (Smith, 2019). Grand nursing theories are abstract and theoretical which makes them complicated. They require further research to completely understand and apply in the nursing practice.

My nursing practice follows mid-range theories because of their ability to define, describe, explain, and even predict a phenomenon. Additionally, this theory is simple, straightforward, and verifiable through tests. Besides, the level of abstraction in mid-range nursing theories are not extremely limited compared to other nursing theories (Arif, et al., 2019 Personal Philosophy of Nursing Example Paper). I have chosen this theory over the others because its focus is specific, something I find good for my specialization. Mid-range nursing theories provide nursing students with strong foundational knowledge concerning patient care.

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Module 2: Discussion Coach 1

Why is it important to articulate your Personal Philosophy of Nursing?
What is the relationship between your Personal Philosophy of Nursing and your professional practice?
What theories of nursing have you studied?
Does your nursing practice follow any particular theorist(s)? Explain.
Initial response due Wednesday at 2359pm CST.
Two peer responses due Saturday at 2359 pm CST. Personal Philosophy of Nursing Example Paper

For this Module’s discussion, respond to the questions above. You will be evaluated on the quality of your summaries, questions, and responses to colleagues’ questions. Please note that a substantial response is needed for full credit- with a minimum of 3 sentences per posting.

*Note- if you cite any information, please include a reference. It is not mandatory, but recommended.