FNP NR511 End of Semester Reflection Paper

FNP NR511 End of Semester Reflection Paper

I had both difficult and easy patient encounters. On my second day at work, I encountered a type 2 diabetic male patient (53 years). The patient exhibited symptoms such as frequent urination, dry mouth, blurred vision, and unexplained weight gain. However, after close observation, I suspected the patient was predisposed to coronavirus and recommended a lab test. The patient exhibited early symptoms of the virus such as red eyes, diarrhea dry cough, and general fatigue. Although the patient was unwilling to sign up for the test, I focused on discussing the stigma attached to testing for the novel virus. Also, I recommended postprandial blood sugar tests and urine tests then prescribed metformin to lower the patient’s blood glucose and stimulate his body’s sensitivity to insulin. FNP NR511 End of Semester Reflection Paper

FNP NR511 End of Semester Reflection Paper

In another encounter, my patient was a 54-year-old cervical cancer patient. According to available electronic medical records, the patient had been diagnosed with the illness 3 years ago. I advised the patient enroll for chemotherapy. However, the patient cited inadequate finances as an underlying challenge to accessing contemporary medication. I advised the patient to obtain medical insurance and prescribed alternative medication such as bleomycin sulfate. Although the patient could not afford medication, I frequently followed up on our virtual treatment schedule to ensure the patient was cooperating.

In future practicums, I plan to narrow the gap to focus on pediatric patients below 5 years. Basing on this practicum, I noticed that majority of needy patients were young children. At the same time, fewer nurses were offering pediatric services. To aggravate matters, most parents with ailing children came from vulnerable backgrounds and were unaware of the Medicaid insurance program. It means the community surrounding the hospital I was posted to needed healthcare civic programs. I plan to specialize in treating pediatric illnesses such as measles, whooping cough, and leukemia using both contemporary and alternative medicines. My plan strategy is to review both modern and past medical research on different treatment interventions to expand knowledge on optimal care initiatives. I also plan to collaborate with my colleagues and parents to develop less-costly care interventions. FNP NR511 End of Semester Reflection PaperFNP NR511 End of Semester Reflection Paper

I have progressed throughout the practicum. I achieved the goal of creating an eco-friendly environment while delivering accurate diagnoses and prescriptions. Moreover, I was able to convince aged patients to regularly enroll for screen tests on comorbidities such as cancer and diabetes. However, I am still working on my skills to create a complete care plan for the patients and boosting my confidence to enhance my decision-making skills. These attributes will help in the proper management of my patients in the future.

In my nursing experience, I have identified weaknesses such as the inability to handle long paperwork and paying excess attention to sensory detail. If the mentioned limitations persist, I may fail to deliver urgent services during emergencies. I plan to address the factors by engaging with experienced practitioners and expanding my knowledge on my major and other science-related fields. In my opinion, sufficient knowledge saves time on unnecessary care consultations and research on approved interventions. At the same time, communicating with experienced nurses’ profiles relatable professional experiences makes it easy to refer to previously used care interventions. Lastly, I will be able to acquire first-hand information on alternative patient interventions. FNP NR511 End of Semester Reflection Paper

During my clinical, I was able to achieve one of the NONPF CORE competencies while also planning on achieving another one in the future. The one I achieved was advocating for improved access to cost-effective and quality health care. I achieved this by educating patients on how to access and secure affordable insurance cover. I even helped others through the process of applying for Medicaid insurance. Patients with Medicaid insurance could access quality care at an affordable price. These in turn positively influence the health-seeking behavior of many individuals.

However, in the future am planning to increase the use of the best available evidence to improve knowledge in clinical practice. I believe that I will be able to achieve this by carrying out research on human population and also reviewing previous research. I believe this will improve my knowledge and hence improve my decision-making skills. The ultimate outcome will be improved patient care and outcomes. FNP NR511 End of Semester Reflection Paper

End of Semester Reflection Assignment Instructions

There are two parts to this assignment.
1. In part 1, students will review their clinical experience documentation in to write a narrative about their experience thus far.  Students should:
o Review their patient encounters and identify experience gaps in terms of age, acuity, certain procedures, level of complexity, etc.
o State how they plan to narrow this gap in future practicums (i.e., focus on seeing pediatric patients under the age of 5, finding a separate pediatric site for a later practicum, et cetera) FNP NR511 End of Semester Reflection Paper
o Discuss how they have progressed throughout the practicum by identifying the goals that they have achieved and/or are still working toward
o Identify areas of weakness and communicate a plan to address these areas
2. Choose two of the NONPF CORE competencies and describe either (a) how you have met them or (b) how you plan to work toward meeting them in the future. Provide specific examples from your clinical rotation as support.  FNP NONPF CORE competencies can be found
https://cdn.ymaws.com/www.nonpf.org/resource/resmgr/competencies/2017_NPCoreComps_with_Curric.pdfPlease follow the direction above and use the link to do part two of this assignment .
Am doing my clinical at a dr. office right now am only seeing adult patient so my goal that am still working toward is to be more efficient in coming up with patient treatment plan, and to be more confident about patient my decision making skills. FNP NR511 End of Semester Reflection Paper
Use the link above to work on part two and please elaborate more on part 1.
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