Politics and Government in Sentinel City Paper

Government policies and politics are significant determinants of population health. The government makes health policies and regulations and collaborates with other bodies to influence the health of their population. This paper reviews the evidence of government involvement in Sentinel City and its impact on population health.

Politics and Government in Sentinel City Paper


Residents are seen peacefully protesting outside the city hall due to the tax distribution (Sentinel City, n.d.). The Mayor is actively talking to some of the citizens on the sidewalk. The city hall hosts most of the government activities. Law enforcers are distributed in the city. They are seen outside the school, grocery and businesses. Billboards are seen that majorly focus on public health. Politics and Government in Sentinel City Paper

Political Parties in the Community

Democratic government exists in our community in New Jersey. Political organizations influence voters. Green Party of New Jersey is a political party in New Jersey. The political party promotes peace, social justice, democracy, gender equality, anti-racism and eco-socialism.  The second organization is the Constitution Party of New Jersey. The third is the Democratic Party of New Jersey. The Democratic National Committee governs this party. The party is concerned with voter registration, confirmation or registration status and also help voter know their voting centers. It also focuses on tax equality by ensuring the wealthier are taxed more than the poor.

Politics and government can negatively impact the city’s health. The Mayor reveals plans to promote togetherness and exclude discrimination based on religion, race, ethnicity, and the LGBTQ in Sentinel City(Sentinel City, n.d.). A key informant also reveals plans to host a control awareness day. Government policies such as healthcare financing can negatively affect healthcare access. Lack of proper student healthcare insurance cover can negatively affect the student’s healthcare access. Political unrest can cause injuries to people and discourage healthcare professionals from practicing in certain regions (Berwick, 2018). Unfair taxation can lead to poor access to healthcare services due to a lack of funds, as seen in the City Hall (Sentinel City, n.d. Politics and Government in Sentinel City Paper). Insecurity seen in Industrial Heights and Casper Park compromises citizens’ safety and could have potentially adverse effects on their health


Political and government activities are integral determinants of health, as seen above. Political parties play an integral role in ensuring voters know their rights and maintain peace, among other functions. Politics, if not tamed, can negatively influence health. The government should ensure that its policies and politics do not negatively impact the health of its citizens.

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